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Sunday, June 15, 2014

A tart, a fool and an attitude.........


There is a game on social media that is called "to be honest". GK is obviously more conscience of things like this than her olde Oma but this morning she shared that she has never accepted a TBH before because she was fearful that it might be a less than kind remark. Turns out hers was a great comment from someone in her class. But you never know what kind of comment is going to be associated with the TBH....just like life and writing a blog.

My apologies to this snake in the grass, just sayin'
For five years I have been learning so many lessons about "some people's children". Most of these lessons have come from a sour little number who thinks she has the answers when she doesn't even know the questions. I am referring to the tart in this way because I refuse to say, write or think her name. She is the woman who seduced the fool who let his children and wife walk away. He and she made the choice to be a couple while the fool was still married to my daughter. While they may have gotten a divorce, his children are still his children, whether they want to talk to him or not. And unfortunately because of both the tart and the fools actions, neither GK nor Ry has any desire to speak to said fool, let alone hear anything from the tart.

So when the tart chose to stalk my blogs and make remarks, cast aspersions on our Casa de Cuckoo life, and think that she was wounding us, she is wrong. All she has succeeded in doing is driving the fool's children even further away from him. At this point, he can't see his kids until 1. he goes through a court mandated reunification process of 1 year supervised visits (and those must be every week for 52 weeks), 2. pays the state of New Mexico back child support and even then if he were to complete that, he would have to get past the terrible hurt feelings of his children for his and the tart's treatment of their family.

The fool has quit sending child support which means the kids can't do the summer programs they wanted to do. And I suppose in his and the tart's world they are justified in not paying because, well I don't know why. Probably for the same reason he owes back taxes, he just doesn't want to have take care of his responsibilities. He has also sent a present to Ry for his birthday but hasn't sent GK a card, or anything for the past two years. I suppose that is because "they" have it in their minds that Ry isn't treated fairly here. Wrong. But Ry sure has a lot to say about his sissy not getting anything from the man in South Carolina. Yep that's what he calls the fool. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction....and that isn't just physics, it's Karma.

And yet, the fool thinks he will drop in for a visit this summer with the tart and all will be perfect between he and his children. The only problem with this flawed thinking is that it will end up being less than the "memory making vacation that they deserve" when the fool ends up being met by the Sheriffs officers and jailed for failure to comply with a court order and contempt of court. And it will cost them the back child support and court fees he still owes before he can get out of jail.

Some people's children and their lack of common sense, humanity and plain old lack of a moral compass. I could feel sorry for the pair if it weren't for the fact that I love both of my grands and think that the universe has given them a less than stellar role model for a reason. I expect that both sweet Ry and GK will continue to have a huge sense of doing what is right for no other reason that it makes them proud of themselves for being honorable and respectable.

I realize that many family's have to deal with situations like this. The Cuckoos are not unique.

But this brings me to "an attitude" in the title.

Father's Day will soon be upon us. I hate Father's Day. I always have. My own Dad was a less than an honorable man. In years past I have said that it was hard to walk into a card store and find one single card that said Happy Father's Day you old SOB.

I have that attitude about my father because I saw him treat people with the similar lack of moral compass as the fool. And it wasn't too long after my daughter married the fool that I saw the similarities with my own father's behaviors. The primping cockerel, the superiority over as he stated it "those people", the lack of motivation to provide for his family, the harsh actions towards his children, the cheating on, belittling of and mistrust of his wife. And in more ways than I can say in polite company. So when the grands have voiced their lack of affection for a man who yanked them around, let them go hungry, didn't provide an income, didn't protect the grands from his family and left them without electricity or heat or food, quit working and let his wife support him, but always managed to have all the creature comforts for himself, wasn't faithful to their mother, I have nothing but loathing for him. But............I don't understand their thinking that just because they speak bullshit that everyone else is fluent in that language.

We are not.

So this whole post is directed towards the tart who calls herself the Truth Fairy, please don't bother to speak. I will not even open another of your self serving, lying, attack emails. I know that this is not the only way I have of communicating with you but it is the last and best. And to the fool, Happy Sperm Donor day.....because there is no place in this existence that would qualify you to celebrate this day as a Father.


  1. A few years back I became a single mom to my 3 witchlets... - From what you have described, I see alot of my ex in "the man in South Carolina" too. I wish my kids could see him for who he really is...
    ~Emberlyn (Mom's a Wtich)

  2. It constantly amazes me the entitled expectations that people have, and that think they are so much more important than everyone else. I saw it at school, at uni, and now at work. I also can't believe that no-one has ever taken them to task on it. Oh well, good on you for trying!

  3. I really don't know what to say about all this. Your ex son-in-law sounds like a nasty piece of work and I know with your firm guidance they won't be forever traumatized by him.

  4. well, now that you've warned them I doubt they will be making the trip. it would have been so much more satisfying to have told them, yah, sure, come visit, see your kids and then have him blindsided by the waiting sheriff and hauled off to jail with little miss truth fairy following along behind.

    1. I second your opinion, Ellen. sometimes people need to face their (uniformed) demons without warning.

  5. Great post Oma Linda! You are speaking from the heart and you are speaking the truth! Keep being you! I know your grands are smart, warm hearted children, because of you and your family! They are lucky to have all of you! I don't know why we go through this shit! But, some of us have to! Love you xoxoxox

  6. I agree - they are lucky to have you! How many kids would be so much better off without a bad parent in their lives? More power to ya, sista.

  7. Pardon my ignorance, but what is TBH? I went through something similar with my boys. Now, my oldest son is a very hands on and attentive dad - even when he was working two jobs to make end meet. My youngest as no interest in marriage or children. They have both turned out to be stellar sons and I couldn't be more proud of them.

    Linda D.
    Tucson, AZ

  8. The comment I want to leave about this post has too many nasty words in it, so I will keep most of it to myself. I hope this man and his... female person can stop and think about Ry and GK. Just that. But really think about them, and then do what they need to do. Think of those children. And of the adults they will become, for they will sure remember.

  9. I wish your grands nothing but good days ahead. They may have negativity on the paternal side but oh how they have strength, wisdom, loyalty and love from their sweet and fierce Oma.

    I'm sorry that your family has had bad luck with the father figures. I feel very lucky to have had a good solid, loving Dad and I can say the same for my ex.. the father of my kids. Your grands will be fine. I just hope they're not hurt further along the way.


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