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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Wow, has it really been this long?

Can't believe I haven't posted in months to this blog. This is my lot in life as of later. Good intentions, lousy follow through.

Have had to make some rather tough decisions. I can do everything that I have always done, just in smaller doses. Cannot spend all my energies in one spot anymore and expect that have any energy left for basic things like cooking, and keeping things running around the casa. So, I have am learning to  pace myself. I'm getting stronger all the time. I'm also playing it smarter. Have to.

this is by Ozark Pagan Mamma

Couldn't let the turning of the wheel go by yet one more season without saying hello and merry meet to my lovelies who have followed me here in the past.

I pray that this autumn equinox brings you all that you need and hope for and that you prepare yourself for the coming winter months with all that you desire. I can't believe it is almost Hallow's eve. Almost my favorite holiday, holy day, sabbat and time of the year.

I've been working on a Halloween House and hope to share it's story and incarnation with you here in word and photo.

How have you been my lovelies? I have missed you so. Maybe we could make a vow to contact each other before the goblins prowl and Halloween comes a calling. Be well.

xoxo Oma Linda


  1. Oh, my...it has been *so* many months for me, as well :/ I love Autumn, it's my reward for suffering through another Summer. I hope this Hallow's finds you strong & clear of mind.

  2. I was wondering what had happened to you and I'm glad you've checked in with us. Yes, let's communicate again before Halloween.

  3. Wow, I was just thinking of you - noticed that your last post was quite a long time ago. I am glad that you are doing well, and pacing yourself. The colder seasons usually leave more time for things like blogging, so it should be easier to keep in contact!!

  4. The Halloween house sounds really interesting! Hope to see it!

  5. Love you Oma Linda ;o) So good to hear from you!
    You make sure you take care of yourself! You are important!
    That Halloween house is amazing! I am so excited for Halloween ;o) As always, I will go visit my grandpa and put an apple on his grave ;o)
    Oma Linda, it has been a very, very emotional year for me, as you know! But, through it all, every night, I always give thanks for all of my special friends, who have helped me through everything! I wouldn't know what to do without all of you!
    Big Hugs xoxoxoxox

  6. I've been dancing your same tune: doing the things I love (and the ones I must), but in small doses.

    Hope your Autumn Equinox was wondrous, dear Oma!


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