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Thursday, May 15, 2014

I do so apologize...............

to those poor souls who unfortunately read my last post which I have taken down.

Moments of weakness and TMI not withstanding, I had no right to burden anyone else with my extraneous BS. So I am back to the silly side which if you ponder that notion long enough is the only way to fly these days. Because really, who are you.....................................?

I have a coming attraction to let you know about. Well it is an olde attraction but one that I am sure the summer interns (school's out soon) and I will have fun with and want to share it with you.

I know that you are aware of my grands and my own belief, attraction to and fanciful flights of folly into the world of fae, gnome and others of the magickal realm even at our advanced maturity. Well, in order to give my last big effort at unburdening my crafting supplies, we will undertake the building of a few fae hovels, gnome homes and traveling gypsy magickal folkes this summer of 2014. Ry, my grandson will be in charge of material handling and gathering, GK, my grand daughter and cohort in all that is frivolous and fun has already drawn some plans up for us to construct. I the olde Oma will be the  sidewalk superintendent on this fun endeavor. We will be working with new, for us, materials and techniques which means this should be a tremendous opportunity to learn.

I hope you will enjoy the sites and adventures of our newest resident a gnome of particular talents named Arpiliano as he and Ms. Baggs lead us on a merry chase into the building and making of fun.

1st adventure will be close to the 2th (pronounced "tooth") of June. Hope you'll join the merry band of misfits as we traverse the wildes of our make believe world. Tah 'til then!


  1. Oooh! That sounds fascinating! I love the fae, I can't wait to see the finished homes! I hope you will give us some progress reports!

    1. Laura, we are planning on posting our "in process" on this adventure.

  2. I wait for the tooth of June... ;-D

  3. Yes please, to photos and tales of fae house building. This should be a project every summer! Build a Fairy Toon in the month o'June, by the light of the moon, with a roof made of spoons. And do it soon!

  4. Okay...to begin with, do NOT apologize for any post you have written. We ALL get in moods and let our guards down to reveal ourselves from time to time. We need understanding and empathy and acceptance and that is nothing to delete or be sorry about. WE are all human and cope the best we can. Sometimes things get a bit much and we need to shout and ask why and be heard..I have many times. Please NEVER EVER be embarrassed by this or feel you have done wrong. We love you and if we are honest, we have ALL been there. You do not need to be Pollyana every moment. Or just post the happy things- Life is not that way..Life is honest. But..I must say I am so excited about Arpiliano and fantasy Homes!! And if RY and GK are involved, these are sure to be FABULOUS!!! Unconditional Love here!!! XOXOXOOXOXOOXOXOOXO!

  5. To begin with, PLEASE do not apologize for any Post you may have written. You were being honest and needed to vent, as we all do. You do not need to be a Pollyana all the time. Sometimes we are down and need empathy and understanding...an ear to listen and some love. Never apologize for that!!!! I cannot tell you the number of times I have written, crying tears and needing to be acknowledged...then feeling regretful the following day. Again, we are ALL HUMAN and we have ALL been there!!! You deserve Unconditional Love and it is the greatest gift anyone can give or receive. YOU GOT IT, GNOMA!!! And besides that, I am so Excited to see Fantasy Homes that involve Gnomes called, Arpiliano! And if RY and GK are involved, I KNOW everything will be Extra Sensational!!!! LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!! XOXOOXOXOOXOXOOXOXOO!!!!

  6. Oma Linda, I missed your other post! Sorry! My special friend, you never worry about what you post! We are here for you! We love you!!! Never forget that! Please, you post what you want to ;o) xooxx
    I can't wait for June tooth ;o)
    Love you ;o)

  7. I love that magic seeking quote.. and am looking forward to what's in store.

    I have no idea what your previous post was about but I believe you should be able to post about whatever you wish... whenever you wish. Without apology.


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