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Friday, April 4, 2014

An important someone.........several actually

When I post things here at Ye Olde Crones Gazette, my intention is to not leave my witchiness in the background. It is also never to be preachy or "I have all the answers".

I know my trusted and faithful readers know that. We've been through a lot together. Make ups, break ups, loss, gain, pain, victory......in other words life. I usually talk about my deepest loves and highest hopes here. The personal me, the feeling me, the spritual me........me.

This year I am going to be 65. Big deal says my head. Big deal says my heart and it kinda feels old for the very first time. I was talking to Ms. Maddy of Santa and the Mrs. the other day. She is like a sister from another mother to me. I've never in my whole life had a friend as true and wonderful as she. She hasn't been here in bloggyland for so long because she has computer illness. So understandably, it ain't as much fun when you can't comment or post. She has such wisdom and power and when I expressed my feelings about the getting older stuff, she helped me see that well....ya can't avoid it but you don't have to give into it. And I claim that as my own. Sounds simple but unless you've been knocking at the later chapters in your life, you just don't know the feeling and introspection. Thanks Maddy, I love you so.

Ms. April of The Angry Gnome is always the first to be a happy little bird and enthusiastic about whatever we speak of together. She is so creative and giving. She is a nut and has the best sense of humor. Her creations make me giggle. So when she hurt so deeply at the loss of her beloved Henry, I needed to do more than just say I'm sorry and all of you responded with open hearts and loving spirits. And once again, I'm renewed. Ms. April made the decision to get another Rotty puppy so that she could bear the days without Hank and I look at her and think how truly brave she is to bring Harold into her life so quickly. I think she is a gem. I've learned so much from her.

Ms. Magaly of Magaly Guerrero and Pagan Culture always delights me and makes me a better person. She challenges me to think in ways I wouldn't have if she hadn't burst into my life with energy and her fun, smart nature. She has asked for counsel and I have given it freely. She has given counsel and I have accepted it gladly. There is an easiness of sharing despite the age difference. Wisdom is wisdom no matter the source. And so today I will let you know....it is Ms. Magaly's birthday. We share that Aries passion. The fire, the tenacity, the drive (although mine is in park a lot more nowadays). I'm blessed to call her friend. Happy, happy birthday gorgeous girl with the soul soothing smile.

And just because I haven't pointed you out yet reader, doesn't mean I spontaneously won't combust in a loving statement about you in the days to come. Because that is what life is calling me to do. Slowly and methodically call attention to those that bring me closer to perfection. Those people who make me better. All of you.

So watch your six my lovelies.

Oma Linda


  1. The kindness of your heart and your willingness to support us all -no matter what you personally may be going through- never ceases to amaze and warm me.
    Your words always feel like a big warm hug to me.
    Haven't you heard?! 65 is the new 35!! <3

  2. Birthdays are like snowflakes: we can hate their cold and shake our fists at them, or we can love their uniqueness and relish in the fact that they remind us of natural it is to be alive as part of the Wheel of the Year.

    That thought came to me out of nowhere, this morning, then I saw your face... and realized that the thought had a home.

    I will be 37-years-old tomorrow... and I feel no different than when I was 15. Except that now my body aches more frequently and I can add something strong to my coffee or tea without my Mamabuela giving me dirty looks. Happy early birthday, to you too, my sister from another mister!

  3. I truly believe we are directed to special souls, this wacky virtual world has enriched my heart and ( Magaly) has sent blood to parts of my BRAIN still virginal!
    Gratitude is the key, thank you for sharing your joy!
    Always a blast visiting you , let's show those youngsters ageless ness! xoxoDebi

  4. You have a heart as big as all outdoors and I am happy we have met.

  5. Oh so glad to hear about Maddy, I was worried about her! And I love you too of course ;o)

  6. It always takes me an absolute age to write a comment on your page because I get totally distracted by the star dust coming out of my pointer and spend ages just rolling my mouse round and round the page...but as I am heading towards 60 at a break neck pace I think I am allowed these little pleasures!!
    Anyhow I digress, just for a change...that is another thing getting older does for you...you meander and digress!! whoops I digressed again!! so what was I saying?
    Oh yes getting older! I feel like Magaly well not quite as she is only 37!! but whilst our bodies might age as long as we keep our hearts and minds young and totally and utterly insane we will be OK and you Oma Linda are agelessly insane

  7. It's great that you have so many wonderful people in your life. We all need help getting through life.

  8. I think my biggest issue with aging is an attitude that there's a cap on the dreams and goals we're allowed to have in life and that by a certain age ambitions should give way to being sensible and appropriate. No way!!! No one is clipping my wings. There are so many things I still want to do and I'm putting my hands over my ears and singing, "La, La, La", very loudly, to drown out any discouraging voices trying to tether me down. Ms. Maddy is so right! We don't have to give in to age (and I suspect that the people who would like us to, just want to feel better about having given in themselves). ❤

    Oh my! I have only just noticed that the cursor sprinkles star dust... now I'm all distracted and grinning like crazy!!

    Happy Birthday to lovely Magaly!

    Best wishes for your upcoming birthday, Oma Linda! (I don't know the date.) Aries people are awesome! :D

  9. Aren't you so sweet.. yes, you are. You have good friends because you are a good friend. That's just a fact of life.

  10. UH OH!!! GRAB THE OIL CAN! I'm Crying AGAIN!!!! I'm rusting enough as it is and not far behind you in age, Gnoma. I think when I turned 60, I began to look back and evaluate lots of my life. Many things that could have been done a whole lot better but in the end, you've got to accept yourself. Try and learn from mistakes and do your best tomorrow with the wisdom you have gained. I really do like where I am right now. One thing I learned is that once you are Up There in age, you are mostly invisible in our Society. Unless you have money or some sort of prestige, no one is going to pay much attention. So, HECK, you might as well be yourself and HAVE FUN! And that means to grab your friends and enjoy the HECK out of Life!! Experience the ups and downs and take your friends along because, if they're like Gnoma, they will be there always at your side. If you are sad or happy or lost, Gnoma is there! One of my favorite quotes is the one from "Auntie Mame"..."Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are Starving to Death!" So, here's what you do..you hook up with NUTS like Gnoma here. I cannot tell you how much I love you, Gnoma. You are strong and tough and you don't take any crap. You are true to yourself and you fight tirelessly for people, animals, and causes you believe in and love. Gnoma is a TRUE friend and will not turn her back when you are less than yourself. And she is a mender of hearts and a an inventor of fabulous. Happy Birthday and I hope this time you will use ALL the special napkins and have the BEST CAKE EVER! I KNOW your CASA De Cuckoos Love you to pieces and my dear, YOU DONE GREAT! XOXOOXOXOOXO!

  11. Oh..and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Magaly!!!! YOU young thing, You!
    And Thank-you ALL for your so kind and thoughtful comments after our Henry died. When something like that happens, I think we go way deep inside ourselves and we feel isolated in our sorrow. Receiving all your heartfelt comments helped so very much, for me to know I was not the only one who has ever lost the love of my life, my furry soul, my daemon. Thank-you.

  12. I'm going to be 64 this month. I've had a hard time with the 60s. the whole selfie project is to help me accept my aging face. when my mother turned 60, she announced to us all that she was old now and she sat her butt on the couch and proceeded to get old. I refuse to do that. Stay active. I may be old in years but I am still enjoying life.

  13. When I was a kid and knew adults who were my present age, I thought of them as old. More to the point, they thought of themselves as old. Old and dried up and done. But now I'm that age, I find, much to my surprise, I'm not old! I still have a story to live, things to do, things to see. Life is short. Horribly, horribly short. We need to get out and do as much of it as we possibly can before we're called away.

  14. Oma Linda, you are one special lady! 65! That is young! You can still wiggle your little butt ;o) Enjoy life Oma Linda ;o) Smile ;o) Dance ;o) And, smoke some good weed ;o) LOL! Love you! Just to let you know, I have had computer problems and I am really behind! I just got a new Mac! Learning how to use it! xooxoxo

  15. I turned 64 last month so I totally get it. when my mother turned 60 she announced to the world that she was old now and no longer had to do stuff (as if she ever actually did). but the sad part of that is that from that point on she got older and more feeble. I vowed not to follow her example.


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