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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Something borrowed for the First Day of Spring..............

I was reading my bloggy favorites today and came across something that appealed to me. I usually see things like this and say, "that looks like fun" and then forget about doing it. So instead of my usual behavior and because I am already so ready for tomorrow and Hues of Oz, I decided to stop and do this right now. Reading back over my answers, I sure am in a reflective mood.

I borrowed the idea for my post today from Magaly Guerrero who borrowed it from Ms Misantropia, who borrowed it from a blogger friend over at Gypsy Spirit Rising. It’s a list of some of the things I want to do in April and hope that many will become part of my routine.

Changing – the way I treat myself
Cooking – more fresh vegetables and fish
Drinking - more water
Enjoying – everyday and finding the pearl of joy
Feeling  - worthy and able
Following – my instincts
Hoping – I can find my groove again
Knowing – that I need friends and family close
Liking – who I am
Looking – forwards not backwards
Loving – whatever it is I am doing at the moment fully
Making – mermaids, fairy houses, Halloween villages, anything red and white polka dotted
Marveling – in my grands and their talents and abilities
Needing – my Sweet Man always
Playing – new music, old favorites, piano concertos and dancing
Reading – anything that tickles my fancy, everything Ms. Magaly writes and finish the Oz books
Seeing – the smiling faces of the people I love
Sewing – lots of new fiber art projects, slimming down my hoarding stash
Thinking – about how blessed I am
Waiting – for the vegetables from our own straw bale garden
Wanting – to be physically stronger and actually doing the work to get there
Wasting – no more time wondering why and dealing with the now
Watching  less TV and more of what is happening around me (in the moment)
Wearing – my favorite jeans and hippy t shirt
Wishing – I could wave my wand and correct the societal ills I agonize about
Wondering – how fabulous Hues of Oz is going to be

Writing  some more of my childhood fun stories, more about the gypsy Cybella

If you'd care to join in, please do so but let me know because I always love to get insight into others too.

Happy first day of Spring.


  1. I love how this list is making the rounds :)
    I won't be joining your party this time, but I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else does.

  2. Hope it all works out for you :o)


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