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Monday, March 10, 2014

And then she got mad..............

Good Day lovelies:

Thought I would write my blog here today and let you know that a friend of mine, Ms. April from The Angry Gnome will be using this blog for her entry in Celebrate Oz - Hues of Oz on the 21st. Hope you will come by and see the fun that Ms. April has created for this fun event. Also I have another talented friend, Kim Cowley who has made the most delicious felted wool pieces for Hues of Oz and will be using my Practically Magical blog site for her entry for Hues Of Oz. This will all be on March 21st.

And now onto the telling of this tale of heartbreak.

As you know I have an absolutely adorable, talented, very 13 year old granddaughter who is so special to me. And I have shared some "growing pains" of hers in the past year. She has officially made the transition into teenage heartbreak. Yep. The Emo critter she was smitten with has turned his back on her and she was, as expected, heartbroken.

This is all perfectly normal, natural and something I wish I didn't have to revisit but it is what it is. If I could have waved my wand and taken it away, well I would have............and yet, maybe not. Because I have seen why I as her Oma admire her so.

In the midst of all the hissy fit and crying and self indulgent ranting, there emerged an angry, determined and confident young woman. This only took from Friday late afternoon until noon on Sunday. In the land of teenage angst, only a moment.

She plopped her lovely self down on the love seat next to me and declared that she was better, that the anger was a sign that she was moving on with her life and would be fine very soon. Then explained how she had taken time to cry, be hurt, be sad, ponder the whole mess all while she had her fairy stone (fluorite) in the pocket of her jeans. She said that she felt safe, and in control and now could see that she had been taken in by her own fantasy of what he was in her mind, not what he really was.

I couldn't be more proud of GK for knowing that what she needed and made good use of her knowledge of crystals to help herself out. I also could not be more proud of Shelley, my daughter, for giving her daughter the space and time to work it out, all while providing her with her love and support and holding her.

Sometimes we forget why we do, what we do, until there is absolute positive proof of love and magic lifting us out of a situation. And here I thought GK had stopped listening to her 13th year teachings. I should have trusted  more deeply. Thanks Universe for giving me yet another reason to be happy that I am who I am. I am truly blessed.....and so are my girls.


  1. And be ok she will. With tenacity, smarts and magic like hers, how could she not be? :)

    Big hugs and kisses to my beautiful Cuckoo ladies. xox

  2. Heartache is so devastating the first time round. So sorry for GK.

  3. OMG. The child is not a child. How many relationships did it take for me to realize that!

  4. I had the same thought as Ellen. Geesh! She sounds so.. .. empowered. Good for her.

  5. Oh my, knowledge, self awareness, the force is strong, a stream of awesomeness passed down and GK although hurt and angry, moved on, with a web of support there if needed, she is more mature in her handling of this than others who have been around years longer. Well done Shelly and Oma, she has done you proud xoxo

  6. Been through that twice with grandson. He's serious about his loves.

    I am very proud of your grand. Many adults haven't figured that out.

  7. how wise of her to realize that he was a figment of her imagination...we rarely learn the hard lesson that we can't change a man to suit our whims, but must take them as we find them and pray that their mothers were as like minded as we...

  8. Gk is a very wise and special young lady, because of you, Oma Linda, and because of your beautiful daughter, Shelley! I love my crystals and stones and will not be without them! Big Hugs xoxoxo


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