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Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Patchwork Girl is created and joins Hues of Oz by April Ross

The Angry Gnome visits the Witch Sisters to request a “Servant” for his Wife, Roberta.

“Yeh...my Roberta does so much woike...I tink she needs a Helper. You Gals able ta fix me up wit dat?”

Esme and Grimalkin assure  The Angry Gnome they most definitely will create the best Helper for their dear friend, Roberta. 
The Witch Sisters get to work immediately. Grimalkin is the finest Seamstress and she is making a colorful Patchwork Girl, out of an old quilt, in the form of a well-shaped girl.

Esmeralda is the Potions Mistress and is getting the bottles ready to hold the “Brain Furniture”..which will mean adding the qualities of “Obedience, Cleverness, Judgment, Courage, Ingenuity, Amiability, Learning, Truth, Posey, and Self-Reliance” to the brain of the Servant.

After working almost all day and getting close to finishing up a very tall and very unusual Patchwork helper, Esme suggests, “Grimmy, let’s go make a quick visit to The Angry Gnome and ask him if any other qualities are needed for Roberta’s helper.” 

So the Witch Sisters walk next door to visit The Angry Gnome...

In the meantime, their cousin, Norma (Who is a bit of a....well, a....... “KOOK”!) comes walking down the stairway from her Toadstool Home on her way towards the Witch Sister’s dwelling. A small part of Norma’s problem is that she is terribly Cross-Eyed. She means well, she is just not always the most insightful Witch.

“I wonder if my cousins have created that helper for Roberta yet. I still do NOT understand why they wouldn’t let me be a part of things...probably just didn’t want to take up my time...” 

“OOOOUUUHHHH!!!” squeals Norma, “The Patchwork Servant has turned out so Colorful, So Lovely!!!  And I see Esme  has added qualities to her brain...let’s see what this “Scraps” girl has inside her noggin......hmmmmmmmmmm. I think I will just add a dash more Cleverness!

OOPS.....I hope I didn’t add too much!” giggles Norma.  “And I may as well add ‘The Powder of Life’ and surprise my dear Cousins!! I LOVE Surprises!!!”

On their way home come Esme and Grimalkin...

OH DEAR!!!  I am afraid that Scraps proves to be way too ZANY to be any sort of reliable helper.  The Patchwork Girl, although very Colorful, is much too Wild and Cheeky to stay put! With a Shout of: “I HATE DIGNITY!!!!” SCRAPS Jumps and Dances off down the road...on her way to Gnoma Linda and THE HUES OZ OZ!!!!!  

Well, perhaps we DO have a brave soul out there who might be able to use such a Clever and Crazy sort of Character???? If it might be YOU, please leave a Comment, and The Witch ladies will add your name to their Cauldron for the Drawing of Scraps, The Patchwork Girl of Oz. She will come to you perched on her OZ letters- full of Fun and Wild Enthusiasm!! 

Norma will draw the Winning Name on Wednesday, March 26th. GOOD LUCK!!! 

And I would like to give a huge HUG to Gnoma Linda!! I KNOW we all look forward to this Oz Celebration every year. THIS year it has been especially Important and NECESSARY for me!!  I LOVE YOU, GNOMA and THANKS!!!!!!

I would also love to tell you that the three wonderful Witch dolls were made by Margaret Tees, a terrific Artist who lives in Scotland. You will find her Etsy Shop here...

Oma Linda here. I have to tell all of you readers, were it not for my wonderful and talented friend April, I don't know if I would love Celebrate Oz quite as much as I do.

We found we had a commonality in our feelings about the L. Frank Baum stories and what they meant to us as children. A world where children and their opinion counted. 

While The Wizard of Oz with Judy Garland is what most folks think about when they hear the word Oz, we think of the hours of childhood spent reading the stories of "an anything can be" world that is Oz. Where chickens can save the day by overhearing Nome Kings and Dorothy can rejoin her uncle in his trip to Australia because she believes in the power of Oz. 

I have just recently gone back and read some of these stories again and if you never have or if you haven't in a long time, I urge you to refresh you inner child at the font of OZ. This little Patchwork Girl would be a character in Oz of the books. She is exactly what the whimsy of Oz is. 

Thank you April for making me a kid again at the very mention of the word OZ. 


  1. I think your story and artwork are stunning and whimsical to the inth degree. I am so glad that bedbugs brought us together to be soul sisters. Love you Ms. April and I'm in on the giveaway even if it is bad form. Pfffffftttthhhhh. Gnoma Linda

  2. Can I move in? I will help with the house work, too! I promise. All I want is a dress just like the one you made for The Patchwork Girl of Oz. She is so very beautiful!

    Do add my name to the list. If she comes my way, I promise to take care of her and introduce her to everyone. We might even dress alike!

    Red Gold over the Rainbow

  3. I was minding my own business, reading along, feeling a tad sorry for cousin Norma when suddenly I am distracted by someone sticking her tongue out at me!

    This post made me smile so, as I used the cover for the Patchwork book. I don't think many remember her story.

  4. How enchanting and wonderful!!! I am so happy to be here today and share in The Hues of Oz!!! This is my first time and I am so enjoying meeting new bloggers and seeing so much talent everywhere!!!


  5. April you sweet and wonderfully nutty gal, I adore your entry to patchwork pieces!!! Your story and delightful doll tickled this old lady and made my day. I can't think of a better way to celebrate our favorite place. ;o)

  6. What a darling little story! Your patchwork Oz girl is out of this world fun (as in very Oz like). I am enjoying the hop and again I think you for hosting.


  7. Zany would be more than welcome (not to mention completely at home) here with me in England :D Her "eccentricities" wouldn't be at all out of place lol. Fabulous story :D XXX

  8. I love her!! and the story is just brilliant...yes she would be at home in England xxxxx

  9. Now that was an outstanding short story about one of the zaniest characters to ever grace the pages of Oz! I especially enjoyed the Angry Gnome. I wonder if his name was Gnorm? The Patchwork Girl would find a lovely home here with me, so please enter me in your drawing!

    James C. Wallace II
    Royal Liaison of Oz

  10. Thank you for the whimsical tale! Kooky Norma, I hope you choose me! Patchwork Girl and I are ment to be!
    Delightful visit, xoDebi

  11. Why do patchwork girls always get picked on?

  12. Oh... I want to crawl into your pictures and sit in a corner watching the witches work.. and then I saw SCRAPS and clapped for joy! The Patchwork Girl of Oz was my vary favorite and an 'invisible friend' for a year or two as a child. Looking at her makes me so happy!

    1. Oh my gosh!!! What a Crazy Invisible friend you had, Lynda! I just had a normal child by the name of Gretchen as my invisible friend! HAHHAHAHHA! When I got older, my invisible friend was "Sven" a gorgeous blonde ski instructor!

  13. Oh, I love this post so much! So much fun! I am smiling ear to ear ;o) I would love to win your special giveaway ;o) Please enter me ;o) Oma Linda, I love your words at the end of the post! Thank you for making this day so special ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  14. Thank-you ALL so very much for your Happy comments! Our dog, Henry, has been very ill so I am having to limit my time in Oz for now. But I will visit as often as I can because it is a much needed Positive Relief. Love to you all, Especially my DEAREST GNOMA!

  15. Oh, I would LOVE to be so lucky, to win Scraps, the patchwork girl of Oz!!!! Please do count me in for the drawing!.. Wish I could have participated this year, but hopefully next year. ~tina

  16. Now I'm sure I left a comment here, because I so enjoyed the post!!!! Utterly joyful, so much work and talent AND imagination that went into this... Love it! I think I may have written and not pressed 'publish' before? Hard to believe I didn't have my entry in for this patchwork beauty... Colourful and funky tale :)

  17. Hi Linda! I want to thank April Ross, and let her know that I received the beautiful doll, Scraps, today, to thank her, and let her know I just LOVE her!.. I just don't know how or where to do so! Can you help me out? ~tina (beansie babbles, or fi-lily fi-lo blog)


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