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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What shoes should I wear?? byline Hellen Heels

I've just been given the juiciest of all assignments. Queen Mabs great granddaughter Teriatania is getting married under the half moon and I have been invited to be a guest journalist. I am so excited. Cameras, of course, are not allowed but, I will sketch the ceremony as best as I can for next week's column.

So of course I got a pedicure with a flair and I've gone shoe shopping to find just the right pair to wear. I will be wearing a simple blue lace dress with a spot of red in the trim. Very summery and I hope the right choice. I'm to meet the faery that will transport me in the garden at a quarter to midnight on the night of the half moon. That gives me just a short amount of time to get ready.

Ms. Baggs has given me such a lovely opportunity at the Gazette and I am hoping that you will be of help as well. I have taken a photo of each of the shoes and ask that you tell me which pair you would chose for such a royal and important gathering?

Dress up is fun at any age, right ladies?
blue sparkles?
demur black princess heels?

charmed gold wrap heels?

flowered red sizzling red?

zipper back, silver strap heels

just kidding, but I thought these were to die for.

I'll be waiting for your choice. Thank you so much for your help.

Hellen Heels, your fashion reporter at YOCG.


  1. It's got to be sizzling red! Barring that, blue sparkly. ;-)

  2. Chunky plantform soles and heels are all the go these days... I'm leaning toward the blue glitter number :o)
    Have a wonderful time!
    Always, Queenie

  3. Has to be the sizzling red absolutely!

  4. The Gnomes here are Rooting for the RED! They think you'll have enough blue with the dress and that spot of Red needs to be highlighted with the shoes- so the red for sure! But oh those "Charmed Gold" need to be worn in the future....WOW! Actually ALL the shoes are sensational!

  5. Blue sparkles are just the right touch here, I think. Royal but not too glitzy.

  6. Pick the red, pick the red!!!! They're so fab!!!

  7. Those white boots rock! I love them! As for the shoes, I would either pick the blue or the red ;o) So exciting!!!


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