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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Observation of an Olde Broad......no not Ms. Baggs


Long, long ago, when I was much, much younger, I would, on a whim, move furniture, clean a room from top to bottom, rearrange the furniture, pictures etc. I know that many of you used to, or now do the same thing. I found it very therapeutic to feather my nest in a different way.

That's what we, two peas and the carrot, Shelley, me and Sweet Man have been doing for two days now. I used to do it myself in one but back then I didn't just get in the way like I do now. I'm only good for fetch and tote....to be truthful fetch has got my hip and tote took my knees.

The living room just wasn't working the old configuration and besides it's about time that Sweet Man doesn't have to look to one side or the other to see the TV but straight on. I won't let him have the only chair because I can get in and out of it without too much difficulty. The couch is another song and dance.

So here's my observation: if you are over 60, leave your furniture where it is, (or pay someone to help) it isn't worth maiming yourself over. If you are under 40 move it while you still can and enjoy the view. If you are in between, surely to goodness you have more interesting and entertaining things to do than move your million pound TV and lardy leather furniture just so the love of your life can not have a neck ache. I fear the aches that he will have tomorrow will be a whole lot more painful. But in the long run.....well let's just hope he appreciates this as much as I appreciate having a new look to the living room.

Words to moan by.


  1. Now that you've made me thing about it, Mrs. C. and I move furniture around much less now that we're over 60.

  2. We move once a year for spring cleaning, but we used those furniture mover/slider thingies for the big stuff. After I messed up my hip I gave up trying to move anything other than my books (one by one) and my altar stuff. If some heave lifting needs to be done, I cook for a few strong friends, they do the moving, and everybody is happy ;-)

    Hope you're not in too much pain tomorrow.

  3. Lol, hope you've got plenty of ibuprofen gel on hand ;o)

  4. I don't even attempt it anymore, just get help, lol. Hope your not too sore!

  5. I've been thinking of adjusting the furniture in the living room myself. but it's a small room with a large bank of windows on one wall and the options for furniture are slim.

  6. I hope everyone is not in pain!! I bet the room looks excellent and everyone is happy ;o) I love rearranging things! You should see me outside! LOL! Well, you already know about Miss Purple! ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  7. Our furniture pieces have finally found their permanent arrangements..after years of moving hither, thither, and yon. After all, the futon Jim made, HAS to be in the window for the dogs- That's the main thing. And the TV cabinet needs to be on the main wall. And all the paintings are Fixed to the other wall so there will be NO Moving THAT Furniture!I get my new outlook by changing quilts on all the chairs (Again, for the dogs). And if I actually DUST, the rooms look brand new!!! NO Moving Heavy Furniture...

  8. ha,ha - yes, I agree - mine have been moved for quite some time - last 11 years at least, everybody is comfortable. We cancelled TV/cable/satellite 2 years ago and do not miss it. we do a lot of newspaper reading, viewing, streaming etc on large computer screens - no arguments there - everybody has their own :) With all the available devices of today, its so easy to watch something other than regular TV. I enjoyed this "Moving" post. Cheers n thanks for your visit.

  9. I haven't been watching much TV lately and I can't say I miss it. But now you've got me wanting to rearrange the furniture. I must rethink that. ;)


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