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Monday, July 15, 2013

Gazette Shake up, adds new reporter

In keeping with the new policies of the Gazette, it is my privilege to announce that we will be adding yet another reporter to our roster. Her name is Helen Heels. Helen is a fashion forward devotee of all things trendy.

We at the Gazette would like for you to participate in the naming of her column by helping to select the day of the week she will be posting.

Your choices are:

Trendy Tuesday,
Wearable Wednesday,
Fashion Forward Friday.

Leave your choice in the comments please.

Helen will be starting her column the last week of the month, so please let  us know soon so that we can please our readers. It was upon the suggestion and reference from a very loyal reader Danni at The Whimsical Cottage that Helen Heels was added to our staff. Thanks so much Danni for your observations of an up and coming blog star reporter.

Ms. Esmeralda Baggs, CEO


  1. Darn.. I would have gone for Modish Monday. ;)

  2. Dear Ms Baggs, CEO:
    I am very thrilled to hear you will have a new, professional Advice Column on Fashion! Personally my Fashion sense stinks..I NEED HELP! My dogs help me pick out my clothes each day and might I say, in all honesty, their fashion taste belongs in a Kennel!
    I am voting for "Wearable Wednesday" because Tuesday is Senior Citizen day at Kroger, where I do my grocery shopping, and it takes all day to earn my 5% discount. Fridays we are busy all day drinking wine and unfortunately my concern for fashion, on Fridays, is at an all time low. So I am rotting, I mean ROOTING for Wednesday! But I can also change my schedule, if I am outvoted. I will be a Loyal Reader, I promise!

  3. I love that our newest reporter adopted the moniker; it's highly suitable and I look forward to reading her column!

    I'm tossing my lot in with Wearable Wednesday. It's the middle of the week and a good time for a pick-me-up posting. xox

  4. I like Trendy Tuesday ;o) But, I will be happy with any of the days ;o) I can't wait! ;o)

  5. Ahhhhh Wednesday, Hump Day...What a great way to help us get over the hump and look fantastic for the weekend!


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