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Friday, July 12, 2013

Trying to get on Ms. Baggs good side with this news story...........

Mr. works for a car rental agency. And I have to admit, I never thought this job of his would produce any kind of news worthy blog fodder. Boy, was I wrong.

There is all kinds of crazy that goes on with customers and belongings left behind, unauthorized drivers, accidents, theft but nothing tops this latest escapade.

Mr. was called by the Albuquerque Police Department and told that they had one of his agency's cars. It had been involved in a traffic stop and that he needed to come and get it from the scene of the traffic stop.

The person who was driving the car had raced away from the police and mistakenly turned on to a dead end near Old Town. The driver was not on the contract, was not authorized to drive the car and had been arrested for failing to stop after a traffic violation. But he had been under surveillance by the undercover cops.

Mr. went to get the car. Got in and adjusted the front seat. When he did, he felt something brush against his leg. Mr. then pulled out a baggie filled with white powder from under the console on the floor. He began honking the car hoping to alert the undercover police detective walking away, who had given him the keys to the vehicle.

When the police officer came back to the car, Mr. said, Is this yours? Holding up the baggie of white powder, along with bags of other paraphernalia and scales that had been under the front seat. The cops jaw dropped and then he said, now we have this guy on other charges. Yes and nothing else was said to Mr. Not a thank you, not an I'm so sorry, not do do. And they only did a cursory look under the seats. Mr. said if he was going to hide something in the car he would hide it............and then showed the cop other places where it might be. Good job Mr.

The question was then posed, why hadn't the car been  searched? OH, well that was the uniforms job and that the undercover's thought that the uniforms had done their job. Come to find out that they were watching this guy for "some official reason" but no one searched or inventoried the contents of the car????????

All kinds of what if's flashed in my mind. As I am sure you are thinking now. What if Mr. had taken the car back and just rented it? A kid, dog or unsuspected person could have happened upon the "stuff". Someone could have been hurt or died ingestig it. Someone could have been stopped at a check station and arrested for having drugs. Someone who knew the drugs were in the car could have stopped the unsuspecting leasee of the car and who knows what. Oui vey.

Or as it happens, we could wonder why if the police were "doing their jobs", that none of them did search the car? Don't get me wrong. I support the hard and scary work that law enforcement does but really????? Didn't search the rental car a suspected and staked out drug dealer was driving by maybe 10 police officers who came in contact with it? Wow.

See I told you this was news worthy. Hope Ms. Baggs accepts this to print. Beside this is two posts in two days.


  1. I wonder what the street value of that bag was worth. Lucky for everyone that "Mr." is an honest fellow.

    1. I joked with Mr. about my vacation in the south of France when he told me the story.

  2. Even worse, what if Mr. had found the stuff after leaving the scene, tried to turn it in, & been charged with possession? It does seem rather rudimentary procedure to search cars.

    1. hadn't even thought of that one but yeah

  3. You are lucky Mr. found this stuff! I can't even think to what might have happened if he didn't! Crazy!!!

  4. Wow.. you can't make this stuff up. It reminds me of an incident on my street about 20 years ago. I might have to write a blog post.. if I ever find the time. ;)


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