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Monday, July 22, 2013

Another new column to add to the Ye Old Crones Gazette.........

Esmeralda Baggs here to report to you that we have concluded our negotiations with some very important and influencial personages. It was tough going but we are pleased and excited to add a Better Gnomials and Environments team of reporters who will most certainly give you the inside scoop on being in the fantasy side of our realm.

Our first report is already in and is a wonderful one. We will be visiting with a superstar gnome who, well, up until this time has never granted a personal interview.

That is all about to change this coming Friday. So join us for this noteworthy interview.

Also don't miss our Wednesday report on Fashions. Yes, readers, you have chosen Wednesday overwhelmingly as the day to watch the trends of the fashion minded Helen Heels.

Until then, Smile......it makes folks wonder what you have been up to. Esmeralda Baggs.


  1. The Gazette is shaping up in a most exciting fashion!

  2. Can't wait to see this feature develop.

  3. I am already taking your advice, Ms. Baggs...I AM smiling. I have had many questioning looks already.

  4. So exciting ;o) I will keep on smiling ;o) LOL!


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