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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Getting ready for the New Gazette next week.........

Ms. Baggs has everything in ship shape order here at the Gazette. We are all up on our assignments and will deliver the new and improved content with a report from Ms. Baggs herself on Mondays...she will be giving us tips on the "new" old ways to clean and organize, then on Weds. our cub reporter and all round beauty Ms. Helen Heels will give us the glamour update from both this side and that side of the veil. Then on Fridays we will have a report from Better Gnomials and Environments....sometimes an interview with a celebrity mixed in with baking, cooking and cleaning tips. Then on Saturday or Sunday, depending on this reporters availability, I will give you an update on all the doings of Casa de Cuckoo and what's happening in our neck of the woods.

So to do just that. Albuquerque had 1000 recorded lightening strikes on Thursday night and where we live in the city, we recieved a little over 1.5" of rain. Flash flood warnings again and we were up all night with the hail and commotion. Last night there were only 600 recorded strikes of lightening (when I heard that, I'm thinking....that's about 599 more than I wanted). We had recorded winds of 89 mph and tons of rain and there was a power outage for a section of the city in the south valley and the airport (where Mr. works).

And yes, we did need the moisture.

On another note, the Cuckoos took Ms. Cybella who is Ms. GK's beloved cat, to the vet yesterday afternoon. She isn't doing very well. We knew something was very wrong when she quit being her usual pain in the ass self, racing about and causing the other animals grief. At first we contributed that to the calm collar we had put on her to help her from picking on Shelley's cat but then she developed a foul mouth odor and off to the vet we went. There are lots of vet clinics close to our house but we have found a super vet in the valley who we treasure, so we drove the 14 miles to take Cybella to be evaluated. They did all manner of poking and prodding, which she hardly even reacted to. I knew then that she was very bad. We brought her home with some sub Q liquids for her dehydration and waited for a call on the blood work.
this is our beauty who is a beast
We took Ms. Cybella back down to the vet this morning to admit her into the clinic for the next 3 days. Ms. C is suffering from renal failure. Could have been something she ingested, could be something she came into contact with when she snuck outside about a week ago for a couple of hours or could be she has had kidney problems since we got her 15 months ago and they have just have gotten progressively worse. She has always been a marker....peeing where she should not. Thus another reason for the calm collar. The terrible part is that the calm collar, which was recommended to us by an animal rescuer, could be the very thing that has affected her kidneys. Sometimes when you listen to others you need to weigh the benefits and the possible outcomes. There were no warnings on the collar but who knows what really caused the renal failure. All we know is that our Cybella is in peril.

We, the whole clan of Cuckoos, are very concerned about Ms. Cybella and if you have an extra bit of good hope thoughts, we will gladly take them. Ms. Cybella is Ms. GK's first "baby" and this is very hard on her. We are trying to keep her busy today and tomorrow working on her room. Sure hope it keeps her mind off the worry as much as possible.

Lots of positive thinking and good energies.....that's all we are focusing on at the moment.

Hope your weekend is sunny, happy and bright.

As Ms. Baggs says at all of our staff meetings.....Keep Smiling, it makes everyone wonder what you've been up to.


  1. Yours is a unique looking cat. Loads of personality.

  2. That's just terrible, poor Cybella and poor GK. I'm so sorry she's so very sick, but rest assured I'll be sending her all the good juju I can muster.

  3. We had Henry to the vet last week for an X-Ray (Arthritis already at 6 1/2 years old). I KNOW what Fur Baby worry is like so we are sending Positive Hopes and Wishes for dear Cybella!! She is a beauty. Lots of Love to GK too-try Not to worry.

  4. We took Henry to the Vet last week for an X-Ray (Arthritis at only 6 1/2 years old...) I KNOW what Fur Baby Worry is like so please tell GK we am sending lots of Love and Positive Thoughts and Wishes for lovely Cybella.

  5. Big Hugs, lots of kisses and good energy for beautiful Cybella ;o) Poor girl!
    Happy everyone is alright from the big storms!
    Keep on Smiling ;o)


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