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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Angry Gnome does Celebrate Oz............

A few weeks ago, The Angry Gnome saw an exciting announcement on Oma Linda’s Facebook!
“Hey, Martin!” said The Angry Gnome, “You and the guys need to come up with something ‘Altered’ for Oma Linda’s Oz Celebration. Don’t ask me nothin’ cause I Don’t Know! I can’t keep up with Dames and their Crazy ideas! Figure it out yourselves...”

“Hmmm, The Angry Gnome says we gotta have something ‘Altered’ Oz, Fellows. Any ideas?” asks Martin.

“Hah! I don’t know why but I keep thinking about Toto! He’s one of my favorite characters!” says Ichabob.

“Yeh, when Toto puts up that little paw during ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow, I just get all melty,” sighs Horlicks.
“Look..here we can get some ideas. He’s got sticky-up ears...sort of dark colors...”

 “Yeh, but he’s gotta be a bit different...can’t look exactly like this...”
“Let’s get all the stuff we need!” shouts Trinculo, “I’ll start the needle felting...”

“We’ve got plenty of felting Batt. I’ll help you,”says Ichabob.

 “I’ll work on the costume,” says Flibbet

 “I’ll handle the Mod Podge,”says Sam, “I LOVE this stuff!”

 “I’m gonna find some Steampunk type stuff,” says Horlicks.

“And I’m gonna open up the Paper Clay and make some dog bones!” says Martin.
The Gnomes worked for a long time..humming and wiring and poking and fitting and measuring, UH OH- breaking Three felting needles, and drinking TWO bottles of California Champagne so they would have the needed corks! Finally the last minute accessories were added...
And here is their Steampunk Toto- Witch Hunter!!!!!
Toto has a French Escargot Tong for one of his arms and a pail for water, in case of a Witch! He has some supplies in the back of his coat and a convenient carrier for his dog bones.
And now for the Drawing Info to win this needle felted Steampunk Toto...
All you need to do is leave a comment that you would like to have your name put in the Hat for the Drawing....to take place March 29th.
The Six Gnomes have been uh, Convinced...to let The Angry Gnome pick the Winning Name!! So, on Friday, March 29th, The Angry Gnome himself will Pick the Winning Name from a Hat. Then Steampunk Toto will be on his way to his new family!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK and Thank-you, OMA LINDA for this Fabulous OZ Celebration!!!!!


  1. Steampunk Toto looks fantastic. I love his eyes and hat. I had no idea Gnomes could be so creative ;-)

  2. OMG!!! Who wouldn't want this fabulous creation!!!! Those crazy gnomes did an amazing job :D XXX

  3. Ha ha, love your names and Toto is a complete cutey! Happy Altered Oz!

  4. I adore your Toto! So wonderful :)

  5. Toto has never looked better! The gnomes have done it again! Fantastic job guys, this is a true work of art and anyone who has a brain would love to have this marvelous witch hunter. Happy Altered Oz!

  6. Wow!!! This is totally amazing!! Those cool Gnomes did an excellent job! Toto is fantastic! Oh, I love him! Please enter my name ;o) Happy Altered Oz ;o)

  7. I love him :) and I want him!! he is AMAZING!

  8. I love him!!! and I would love to win him....they are very talented gnomes.. especially that Martin!

  9. Even as I was putting this together for you here, I was cracking up. I love you April....you are a dyed in the wool nut case and this is especially wonderful. The gnomes are fabulous, names, what they said, what they have done. And the altered Toto the witch hunter is just over the rainbow fabulous.......
    I bow to the reigning Oz-ka-teer of the world.
    Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda

  10. Gnomes and Steamppunk AND Dogs??! Oh, my! This is too wonderful, and I am in lust.

  11. Sooo amazing, but you are the best, Angry Gnome!!!

  12. Oh!!! TOTO you are wonderful...I am in love :) what clever gnomes...the one named Martin is obviously the most intelligent of them all :) and of course I want to win Toto!!

  13. ROFL, I love this guy! Even with the wool allergy I will find a way to get him out of his box and display him proudly if I win :o)

  14. I am not at all certain what I am asking for here, but I’ll ask anyway. Those gnomes are gorgeous.

  15. Oh my goodness! You have really out done yourself, Oma Linda, with the creation of SteamPunk Toto! He is absolutely charming!

    Gotta just love your aLteRed iMagiNatiOn!

  16. Angry Gnome, send Steampunk Toto to Oz (that's Sunshineshelle in Oz) Ha ha, love Toto, love the post, magic alteration!!!!

  17. Oh those crazy gnomes! You never know what they'll get up to if left unsupervised. ;)

    Toto is very dapper! Despite this house being FULL of witches, I'd still happily welcome him in.

  18. WHo ever would have imagined Toto and Steampunk in the same sentence?!? April and the Angry Gnome of course!! I love him!! So unique and your magical creative heart shines through him...I sure hope he can come to live here with me. He will be given a most honored place in our home.

  19. Oh wow. I can't believe I found you again. I wondered whatever happened. Some where along the way I lost track of your blog and now I ran across it again. Hope all is going well with you Linda, good to see you and great blog.

  20. Holy moly, Steampunk Toto-Witch Hunter takes the cake! But you know, I don't think it's very diplomatic to talk to dogs about being "altered," if you get my drift.

  21. Wowzer all the steampunk and felting details in Toto and the setup for the gnome work party. I love it! Champagne is a great motivator ;0

    His "Bad to the Bone" and the sand timer/hourglass around his neck plus his dotty shirt- ♥

    Please add me to the hat, Toto the Witch Hunter is awesome.

  22. OMG! Look at that steampunk Toto. Those gnomes are creative geniuses. I am smiling so wide, my face kind of hurts. I would be delighted to be entered in this drawing. Mina

  23. Oh how much fun is this! I love your angry Gnome! Your story is great alos, kind of reminded me of the mice from Cinderella working on her dress, but building a Steampunk Tot-Witch Hunter is such a more worthy use of time and matterials ;)

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you I have been sick. But I am having a wonderful time with the blog hop now.

    Love your post

  24. The Gnomes, even the Angry Fellow, want to THANK ALL of you for such Sweet and Happy comments!!!!! They have Made the Sun Shine here! What a treat..nothing better than making something and having so much Support and Enthusiasm! Thank-you SO SO much!!!!!


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