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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kim Cowley ........ witches from Oz

Kim Cowley is friend from a former facebook group and a very talented artist. She works in many different mediums and I so enjoy her friendship and aesthetic. I trust you will as well. Oma Linda

Small Postcard sized card mounted print of one of my original works...


Through the eye of storm
She flew to the land of Oz
And what a magical place it was
A land that was full of sweet delight
With just a touch of endless night
I admit I stole those lines from Blake
But a better rhyme I could not make!
Small postcard sized card mounted print of another of my original works:

The wicked witch of Endor
Is nothing to compare
With the witch from the west of Oz
Though perhaps she has more hair!
Three pigtails and one eye you say
My goodness what a sight
lets hope we never meet her
On a dark and stormy night!
So the description is: Hand Made Wet Felted Wicked Witch Cushion:

The wicked witch of the west
Flew over the yellow brick road
Mumbling wicked curses
Of spiders, bats and toads
Eye of newt and wing of bat
Whoops wrong story!
I'll sign off at that!

The wet felted cushion was made from dyed and carded Marino fleece/wool and was made in one piece using a resist (a piece of soft plastic) to stop one side of the cushion felting to the other.
The cushion was made using an inside out method, I drew the design onto the resist using strands pulled from the Marino fleece, dipping bits of fleece into soapy water makes it more pliable to draw with.

Fleece was then layered onto the resist, one side at a time with an overlap left over the edges, each layer was wet with warm soapy water and rubbed gently, the overlap was then turned in on the other side of the resist and a new layer laid over the top. As the layers are built up the resist becomes totally encased in fleece. For this cushion I used three layers on each side.
Once the resist was completely encased the felting begins! This entails wetting with soapy water, bashing, rolling and generally abusing! As the fleece starts to felt the resist begins to pucker this means it is time to cut the cushion open and take the resist out ( I like to keep the cut as small as possible)...then I turned the whole thing inside out to see if the design had survived!! At this stage the felt is still quite fragile and needs further rolling to full it and make it solid.. Once the cushion was fulled I rinsed the soap out, pulled the cushion into shape and left to dry for a few days before stuffing sewing up the cut hole and adding a felt string border as a finishing touch.
The first two drawings are in one drawing and the cushion is the second giveaway.
Please leave a comment (and a way to contact you) and let me know which of the giveaways you would like on this posting and I will draw the winners on March 23rd.
Thank you so much for coming and seeing my altered Oz entry. I missed the deadline last year but my friend April of The Angry Gnome and I share a love of Oz and so she let me know about the Celebrate Oz - aLtREd oZ 2013 and I was all in.
Come back to Ye Olde Crones on March 23rd for my giveaway winners.


  1. Gosh you certainly got busy with this challenge lol...I love EVERYTHING you have created :D XXX

  2. I'm loving this post! The artwork is wonderful and the cushion is fantastic! Happy Altered Oz!

  3. I love your creations! And, I love the poems! Everything is amazing! I would love to win any of them! ;o) Happy Altered Oz ;o)

  4. Kim, thank you so much for you wonderful participation in Celebrate Oz. I so appreciate what you created for us to drool over. I am so in awe of regular felting let alone, inside out and have to wait felting. You are amazing.
    I'm so glad that we have Oz in common and that you came to play this year. I'd say you done Oz proud for sure.
    Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda

  5. Wonderful work! Seriously fabulous :)

  6. HAHHAHAH!!! I LOVE the POEMS!!!!!! And I Love EVERYTHING YOU DO!!!! Since I have the illustrations, I will be humble and just put my foot in the door for the Cushion!!!!! Oh I am SO HAPPY to see you in OZ today!!

  7. Wow I am in awe - the drawings and the pillow are amazing, but as I read how you did the pillow I was mumbling 'oooh' too. Just gorgeous!

  8. You are so talented and your entries are so beautiful! The Witch Cushion is just amazing!!! They are so lucky you are participating! And such a great cause!

  9. I've been distracted by the falling stars the cursor is making- how do you do that?

    The art is fantastical and the cushion is a labor of love- awesome!

  10. Wicked in Ohhhhh such a good way :) Great Post you talented Oz Aleration-er :)

  11. Wow, Kim, what fabulous witchy creations! I'll gladly throw my pointy hat in the ring for the felted cushion draw!

  12. I want to lie down on a Wicked pillow...

  13. Those postcards are fabulous! But that pillow! I've never done any felting it scares the begebies out of me (put me in the Cowardly lion group on that one). Your wicked pillow is as they say up North (not where I'm from LOL) Wicked Good!

    Sorry it's taken me so long to get around to you. I've been ill but am having so much fun now.

    Love your post

  14. All of your work is fabulous - how is one to choose? Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!


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