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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bunnies and chicks and eggs, oh my..........

Happy Spring......

Two days ago, we put up our Spring decorations. I like to leave them up for awhile so that I can be blissfully happy and not pay any attention to the change of weather outside. Cuz inside we're all pastel, bunnies and chicks and eggs, oh my while outside my door the lion is still throwing his weight around....I'll be glad when the lamb comes along and scares the bejeez out of the lion and we can get on with nice weather.....but then I'm sure more of you feel that way. In like a lion, outta here like a lamb......but when???????

Some of the sweet German wooden Spring tree ornaments are from when Shelley was a youngster. Most are from when she was too old to care about the tree but I used to love the reactions that her teen friends had when they came in and saw that we had all manner of sweet spring on display. For years we had pussy willows from our bush to hang the ornaments but we aren't in the same location and I can't seem to get pussy willows to grow here in this yard.

GK's cat, Cybella really enjoyed helping set up the table and rearrange all the decorations. Her favorites are the large carrot with the little white bunny peaking out. He has given her hours of enjoyment since we set up the tablescape. Isn't she cute????? She had better be. She has developed an entitlement attitude. She is entitled to anything she wants and the other animals must bow down to her wishes without question. And if they look at her too long...well let's just say that there is a reason she keeps her claws sharpened. But she's so pretty....good thing huh?

See the cute little white bunny with the wasabi tape embellished egg cup, along with the gorgeous turquoise egg ornament....my darling Beckybus sent this to me all the way from Sweden. She and I share an absolute love all things red, white and polka dotty. I sent her an apron of red and white polka dotty wonderfulness not long ago. We want to keep the postal systems in our respective countries in business. Thanks Becky, my darling girl.

Only a couple of more days and April and the Angry Gnome will draw names for Toto the Witch Hunter and Kim will draw two winners for her witchy wonderfulness of her drawings and the "oh my gawd" how wonderful is this felted witch cushion. So stay tuned my darlings....good stuff is coming soon.


  1. A wonderful collection you have there.

  2. Can I be entitled to cuddle with that lovely bear in a chick suit?

    I love the colors of spring.

  3. LOVE LOVE your Spring Tree!!!!! You have made Magic with Winter outside and Spring inside. And love the Vintage Fairy Tales Becky photo on the wall in the background. All those German wood ornaments bring back such memories and I have some cookie molds like your bunny! They make terrific cookies, don't they. But isn't Cybella a beauty...a wonderful photo of her looking up at the Stars!

  4. Maybe if I set up those decorations the horizontal snow will go away (seriously, SERIOUSLY?! It's flipping Easter next weekend!)

  5. ~belated Ostara blessings to you and yours...though the weather may still be a bit confused it seems spring has sprung beautifully in your home...i love your tree...much love light and blessings~

  6. Love the spring tree and all the decorations. I think that Brutus and Nemo are in love with Cybella...<3

  7. Oh what a beautifully decorated tree! I'm enchanted with all of the lovely Spring decorations like that darling little wooden train and the sweet little chicks.
    I'm in agreement with just about everyone else wishing winter would take that exit door and make room for Speing with all of her beauty. Enough already!! Enjoy your weekend. S&S

  8. Oh, I love all your wonderful decorations! They make me so happy! I love Cybella! I want Cybella ;o) Gk would let me babysit her for awhile, wouldn't she? ;o) I would just make a little trip to come down and visit you Oma Linda ;o) Your gifts from Sweden are so precious! Love them ;o) Big Hugs ;o) Have a wonderful day ;o)

  9. It's starting to feel a lt like Easter :)


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