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Friday, March 22, 2013

Cats draw winners of the Kim Cowley Celebrate Oz giveaway........

Hi Everyone......Kim Cowley here
I did the draw today...well the cats did
Love Kim xxx
So today was the day of the draw... all of the names went into a hat and I decided to let my cats Nemo and Tuss do the draw!....this was a drawn out process (excuse the pun) because the cats had to spend at least 30 mins playing with the bits of paper in the hat!! BUT at last we did get the names pulled out and after rescuing the bits of the paper from under the sofa and wiping off the cat spit....the results are.....drum roll.......
For the Witchy Cushion...Oma Linda!!
And for the pictures...Nichola from Pixie Hill!!
Congratulations you have been chosen by two beautiful Siamese cats!! If you can let Oma Linda have an address Nichola I will send the pictures to you :)
And thank you to everybody for the lovely comments on my work. This has been such a funny borrow of Ye Olde Crone's Gazette. I'll see you all next year back for Celebrate Oz.   Kim Cowley


  1. I will post the give aways as soon as possible...they have a long journey ahead of them :)

  2. Winning times two. I mean, a cat chose you; that's a miracle!

    Congrats ;-)

  3. Congrats to the lucky winners ;o) I think this is so adorable with your precious cats picking the winners Kim! Too much fun! How special! Big Hugs and see you next year ;o)

  4. Such Clever Cats!!!!!! But what about all the Friskies Temptation Treats I gave them to pick ME????!!! Little Piggies ate everything and still Didn't choose me!!! Bah Humbug!!! But Congratulations to the Lucky Winners!!! You are Both in for a Treat!!!


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