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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday afternoon and it's blowing like crazy.....

I had high hopes for a quieter Sunday in the wind department but Old Man Winter is protesting the little flowers starting to poke their heads out of the ground with a big old blow. The red and white polka dot banner that hangs outside my craft cubby hole is whipping around like crazy. The replica windmill looks as though the sunflower painted on the blades is one big yellow blur.
Have I mentioned that I hate the wind? Have I told you that as a young girl, living in NM that I thought for sure that the straight wind gusts would certainly take me away some day? In this part of the state we seldom have a tornado. And the day we had one, it went within two blocks of my house. I was at work so I didn't feel it but I saw it from the back door of the fabric shop I was working in and thought, "hmmmmmm, that seems close to where I live". Sweet Man only worked 3 blocks from our house and so was in the path of that hum dinger that lifted up trees and made the biggest shopping mall in our area regret having put in sky lights when all of them left the building like Elvis and ended up 2 miles away. But that was some years back.

We do get derechos.....the straight down blasts of wind, alot. Today just seems ripe for one of those buggers. But I will be of good cheer, because, just because I am the matriarch of Casa de Cuckoo and that's the only reason I have.

I have been occupied with painting and cutting paper and re-sizing and pasting and glittering and then.....computering. I am combining my love of donkeys (oh my what a shocker) and my preoccupation with all things OZ. I am having a good time but my mind just isn't all on the fun. I keep hearing all manner of things getting blown into the house or windows. Did I tell ya I hate the wind???????????

I let Ellie out to do her business and thought for sure she would blow away. She even looks a little like Toto so who knows. The grands are hunkered down watching a movie and it is eerily quiet except for the wind.

If you don't hear from me for awhile it's because that derecho with my name on it came and took me on a trip I hadn't planned on.


  1. I hear you on the wind! I live in a total wind tunnel, and some morning when I used to walk to work I could barely walk the length of the street it was so strong!

    Hope yours doesn't come to get you yet, you have Oz things to share ;o)

  2. I've never known anyone who hated the wind--of course tornadoes are another matter and anyone as into the Wizard of Oz as much as you are has cause for fear. But I always enjoyed the wind and would pretend it could blow me away to a wonderful place, like OZ.

  3. Don't blow away Linda! I'm not sure but I think that might be a little similar to hurricane winds - hearing those winds while hunkered down is very frightening! We've had stormy weather this weekend here too, with a little brief respite of sunshine this morning, but it's raining & rumbling out there here on Sunday night again & looks like more thunderstorms moving in overnight. Doesn't matter much to me - I'm in bed recovering from the flu so rain away!

  4. being the city girl I was and living in the inner city, we didn't get a lot of wind unless a storm was blowing through. Out here, we are surrounded by openness and let me tell you, it is windy all the time! well, not all the time but a good portion of it. One of my jokes is that I now understand why people who homesteaded on the great plains went crazy!

  5. I've lived in a lot of windy places and am no fan of freakishly strong winds. In fact, they are up there on my list of scary things right next to spiders. Call me so I know you're alright. S&S

  6. It has been forever and a day since I was able to play in blogland. A new job and other responsible boring adult stuff has taken priority... hate that :o)
    So sorry you are having a blustery pooh courner kind of day. It was quite windy here too on Sunday and a little on the nippy side. I hope things are a little quieter there today.
    Have agreat day.
    Always, Queenie

  7. The wind can be scary! I know we have had to chop down 4 of our very large trees, because of the wind! Hang on Oma Linda!! You will be fine ;o) Hugs ;o)

  8. The wind never bothered me until my great state was attacked by 2 hurricanes, 2 nor'easters and a fuckton of hell as a result of said wind accompanied by water.


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