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Friday, February 22, 2013

Getting ready for the retrograde.....

It's coming...........

You know the retrograde that makes computers and other "essential" devices of modern life go bad.

I had, up until the last three years, never given the mercury retrograde that occurs three times a year a second thought. I suppose I was oblivious. More likely I was just self absorbed and thought it was my depression that made me feel all wiggly during the retrograde.

This time it will visit from February 23 until March 17. Last spring, I lost so much of the data on my computer and what wasn't lost was corrupted that I am going to be proactive and back up every bit of information that I have compiled on my friendly computer as soon as I finish this posting.

I know that there are those of you who are not affected by the retrograde, or aren't aware of the affects it may have on you. But Oma Linda is cautioning you to back up you data............cuz I love you all and I hate to think of you being without your "stuff". I know how I rely on my "stuff".

Also the retrograde is not a time to be making major life decisions......so procrastinate until after St. Paddy's day.

I don't normally go into specifics about celestial happenings but this one is something I heed now and am just passing along a cautionary tale.


  1. I've become increasingly aware of when Mercury is in retrograde lately. It always makes me a tad uneasy. Thanks for the warning... I hope all goes well with you.

  2. Let me exhibit my ignorance; what is a retrograde?

  3. Oma Linda, thank you for the warning! I am going to have to look this up for more information because I am unaware of this. Big Hugs ;o)

  4. Thanks for the heads up! Saw you over at Gail's (At the Farm) and thought I'd pay you a visit! I would write more, but I'm off to back up my computer! :)

  5. Thanks for the heads-up. I really have never given "celestial happenings" any credibility. I concurred with what Carl Sagan said about gravity having more to do with your birth than any planets that were crossing or retrograding!! LOL

    However, the last few weeks have been a bit, well, how shall
    I put it, "shitty!" So maybe that's what's going on....pinchi Mercury!!! Oh no, I have to download this years anti-virus software and can't wait for St. Patty to do his little jive, so pray for me!! LOL

    Loves ya,

  6. NO! Say it isn't so! In Mina World, we do not accept the reality of retrogrades. ;-) How that for denial at its finest?


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