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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

And a side order of ego to go, please......

There are so many of you out there that practice the craft. I look to many of you for wisdom that my solitary practice does not include. I have learned so much from you. I've learned to look at things from a different perspective, new herb uses, charms and even some new approaches to what it is I do daily. I share my heart with you and you with me.

I am a solitary eclectic so that affords me a lot of wiggle room. It suits me best. Being the Aries, rule breaking, bossy broad I am. I also am ruled by Venus and am sort of crusty with a mooshy center.....like a "cherry mash" candy from long, long ago. So therefore I have also taken many of you as my own. My sistas from another mother and my long lost love children in fate.

And I am so very grateful for the priviledge as both.

But there is a piece of my old soul that is called to be wanted and needed. So many of us are really that way if we get down to essence of it all. I need the Goddess and she then allows me to be needed in kind. That is my ego. That is my calling and my true joy.

I have a friend, whom I have been blessed to know for some decades now. She and I float around each other in time. We see each other but not all the time. She is a very generous soul and I have watched her be taken advantage of. She knows it but it doesn't seem to phase her. I bristle for her. I have done works for her to shield her from harm, without her knowledge because I care for her, but I never told her.

She recently call upon me to do some works for her. She said she knew I could help. I wept as I read the email. You see I never thought she realized how dear she was to me. Nor did I think she really needed me or wanted my help. Seems I was wrong. She is one of the only friends from my BWT before witchy time that knew and never batted an eye. But she also never asked for anything.

So many others just vanished without so much as a fair thee well. Worse were the ones who questioned, berated, then abandoned the woman who is the same woman I always was only much improved because of AWT after witchy time. I am not ashamed of my awakening to my path. I am a practicioner of earth magic, believer of the power of the universe, herbs, works of the heart and protections of others. I defend Gaia, her babes, be they human or animal or plant. I use my being to do for others and I am paid for such. No, not in moneys or trade but by what comes back to me from my works. I trust that I have been and will be again. I honor the ancestors and the gods. I am me.

And when I am needed...........I soar.

Yes, this post is egotistical.......so mote it be.


  1. Wow and what a beautiful soaring ego you have Linda. Ego has become such a misunderstood concept because we need healthy ego's, ESP. To help others. May you keep shining and soaring!

  2. oh yes, we do all need to be needed, to do something worthwhile - to be of worth.

    I think that without this, we end up feeling that our lives do not having real meaning, that we are just going through the motions.

    And as a solitary it can be lonely at times without the support of a group, but I, too am solitary by nature, so I do love the connections I've made in the blog world, and have learned so much as well.

  3. And may your ego wrap your friend in warmth & love while becoming the firmest wall of protection.

  4. I hope you can deliver, as ever :o)

  5. Women like you, women with remarkable insight and ability, have always frightened men. The historical persecution of "special" women was a power grab to keep women subservient. No more!

  6. You are probably one of the sweetest people i have met in real world and in blogland! This is what your friend sees that and the way you shine under the Goddess's glow!

  7. It's good to see a healthy ego and I'm thrilled it's you who has it. You're a very special someone and I hope you know that you are loved and appreciated my so many people. I love you my sista. S&S

  8. I don't think it's an egotistical post. I think it's a post written by a woman who owns her power and loves The Goddess. Good friends are hard to come by, grab her and hug her like I know you probably already have you big hearted broad ;)

  9. You go on with your bad-ass Aries self. I find it refreshing and pure and an honest glimmer into the essence of yourself. Mote on, sister!

  10. Oma Linda, what a special post! I have learned so much from you! You are a wise woman and I am so honored you are in my life! Love you sister ;o) I know you will do well for your special friend!


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