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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yule decorations are up..............

I finally got my gnome/elf tree decorated and all the adjoining areas spiffied up as well. The one thing that my family can look forward to when I put up the fae tree is that it will be different every year. And the same is true of the dining table. Why do the same thing, when you can mix it up. And this year particularly, I've needed to shake it up a bit.
I love the riot of candles and naturals as well as the faux flowers and polka dots. Melding what Mother Nature has given us with what humankind has thought up.

I am addicted to white dots on red in every imaginable combination but when I found polka dot poinsettias, well, it was just too good, to pass up.
Only a little over a week until the Holly King and the Oak King have their sword fight and the winner is crowned. The baby sun will be coming up in the sky and bringing warmth and renewal with him. We always have a birthday cake with yellow frosting and orange candles to celebrate the beginning of the new circle of life. This year though, the grands have decided since they love making cupcakes, we will, in fact have cupcakes with the sunface on them to celebrate. I think their creative thinking is part of their legacy. Shake it up ya'll.


  1. I absolutely love your decorations.

  2. I love your holiday traditions. These leave such special memories for the grands.

  3. And may you all have a very cool yule!

  4. Your decorations are fantastic! I absolutely love your tree. One of my favorite color combinations is red & white and add some green and it's perfect! Don't forget to get some pictures of those cupcakes. Merry Christmas. S&S

  5. I wanna come over and play! Your decorations are so much fun and how wonderful the idea of baking cupcakes for the new baby sun!

  6. I love the decorations! So much fun! I agree shake it up ya'll ;o)


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