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Friday, December 7, 2012

A new form of magick for me...........

I am going to share with you an experience I had a few months ago. The reason for my sharing is to chronicle the events as they have happened.
I was fortunate enough to participate in a soul clearing or sympathetic depossession as it is also called. A woman who I trust implicitly guided my journey and I came away from the session feeling lighter. The visualizations and work we did were very powerful, cleansing and left me with a sense of relief. I had at least two "squatters" that had taken advantage of my openness through my own flaws (medical, situational). These lost souls had taken up residence in me because their passing to the other side had not been completed. I was cautioned to safe guard myself because the "hole" left by their exiting might be a beacon for others to come and try to inhabit. I have been vigilant in doing so. I never want to feel like that again.

Now this may not be something that you can believe and I appreciate that. It may have you questioning me and my tenets (not tenants) and I can understand that as well. I ask only that you be open to reading the rest of the story.
After my experience, it was immediate to my family that I had gone through a change. And it was in fact a change for the better. I was not nearly as anxious, angry or ill tempered. I let things slide a lot more and began to see things differently. And life here at the Casa was much improved for all, cuz you know when Oma ain't happy, ain't no body happy.

Joe especially gained the most from my softer behaviors. So much so, that Joe decided that if I had relief from this experience, he too wanted to have the opportunity to see if this would help him. He came home from his session and said he had a very "interesting" experience and did in fact feel lighter, less stress and more open. I never asked him for details. I felt that it was his experience and I had no right to pry.

Now you are going to see who the half empty, half full partners are in our relationship. I doubted what he said. I know, shame on me. And then to add insult to injury, the woman who facilitated for both of us asks Joe if I made him come to the clearing. Nope wasn't me pushing. But I understood why she might think so based on my before persona. She didn't doubt the results, she didn't know how it have left me for sure. One never knows what the removal of an entity might lead to in someone's life.

As I said, it has been months since my soul clearing. I have had two bouts of depression since. Both have been doozies but this last one was the pits. And Joe has been wonderfully understanding for the first time in years. As a matter of fact our relationship has changed back to when we first married and settled into being partners. Easy, gentle, fun, cozy and comfortable. We appreciate each other more and more often. We see each other really, not out of the corner of our eyes.....full on.
My example, when we first got married we moved from Albuquerque to San Francisco. We drove. And as we drove along Joe offered to stop wherever I wanted him to stop to see whatever. Of course when push came to shove, we didn't. And for many of our 40 years together.....we haven't. But yesterday as we were taking one of Joe's famous "short cuts", which always end up an adventure of one kind or another, ie, wonderful vistas, unusual animal life, miles out of the way, getting lost etc., I said, I would love to have a sprig of mistletoe and a branch of pinon wood for the holidays to add to the naturals with which to decorate. Normally Joe would say, "well it would be dangerous to stop on the highway, or well we'll see". Yesterday, the man I married, who way back when promised we wouldn't lose each other in life stopped the car on the shoulder of the highway, showed up outta nowhere, walked across to the other side of the road, down an embankment and up a hill and back again carrying juniper, cedar and pinon branches for me. He even stopped in the middle of the highway and did cute little dance for me, shaking his tushy. What a nut. What a joy. And it was magick.

The magick I spoke of is one of believing. In yourself, the people around you and the possibilities that exist to the open minded. We have come a long way Sweet Man and I. Have been through so much and even with my depression coming in the middle of our lives, in a few short months because we allowed ourselves to be transformed, debugged, depossessed and returned to allowing ourselves to be flawed and open to our commitment, we have changed.

I have appointment to do another session because I know I have more work to be done. But at least now I know that there are more squatters that need to be moved on into the light. I also know my depression has nothing whatsoever to do with the process or results. It is a chemically induced set of circumstances my body produces....much to my chagrin. All of what has happened in our married life is because we allowed life to get in the way of living (as Joe said as of late). We also are open vulnerable people who through no fault of our own provided safe haven for souls trapped here in this plane. Soft and squishy, comfortable and caught by surprise I suppose. For whatever reason.....but no more. I went into the session knowing I was affected by something outside of my control. My moods and feelings were not just my own. I am so blessed to have been in the right place at the right time......thanks to the universe.

It isn't marriage counseling, it isn't a spa weekend, it isn't a change of lifestyle, it is belief in the magick of life applied, committed to, and worked on. I did not go into the specifics of the session but I will if you are interested.

I wrote this not for any other reason than to encourage each of you to find the best possible magick for yourself, we all deserve the very best. Be well and happy, Oma Linda


  1. Hee hee, I especially love the middle of the highway dance, long may it continue :oD

  2. So wonderful..so happy for you both...

  3. Fine, so I'm a bit hormonal, being in my time of the month and all (TMI?), but I assure you that it is not the reason why I'm in tears right now. I'm crying because I know that a Marine who picks flowers is not only brave, but also in love. I love knowing that your Sweet Man is in love with his Lady.

    I'm all smiles and silly tears ;-)

  4. Oh, this is wonderful! May your healing continue!

    I know so many people do not believe in this kind of healing. I only wish they would experience it before claiming their disbelief.

  5. This sounds like a wonderful and magickal experience! Great post!

  6. I love the story of the short cut and the happy dance. That sweet hubby of yours is my new hero. Give him a big hug for me. You need to tell me more about the sesson. S&S

  7. Glad that you are getting rid of the hitchhikers. they can be such downers.

  8. What a beautiful experience for you and Joe...I'm so glad you found a method/ritual to help ease depression and bring more love into both of your lives. I definitely identify with having depression and believe there are ways that go beyond logic to help us. I'm so happy for you and Joe and maybe I'll try to find a spiritual practitioner close to me who can aid with my darkness.

  9. I believe every word you say. I had a 3 week acupuncture session called "possession removal". After the first session I had the worst migraine of my life but when I woke up the next morning I felt "clean" inside. The acupuncturist told me that a regular cleansing (once a year) is recommended but I moved so I couldn't follow up. Wish I could.

  10. Thank you for sharing such a personal and important part of your life. I like to think that I'm open to most things. I do know that if it works for you, then it is indeed very real. I'm glad you could find the magik. You deserve it. Hugs to you.

  11. What a wonderful adventure you two are on. Your cleansing experience sounds fascinating; I'm so glad it worked for both of you. I'm certainly intrigued and would love to hear more sometime. I need a little of that magick myself.

    Another wonderful post.

  12. I would love to know more about your session! I find this very interesting! I am so happy it is helping you! I would have love to see your sweet man doing his little shaking tushy dance ;o) Big Hugs ;o)


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