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Friday, December 14, 2012

The magic of crows........and love

I know that many of you know Stacy from MagicLoveCrow. What you may not know is how fond the Cuckoos are of Stacy. She has been such a loyal friend to the Cuckettes and Stacy and her Mom are some of my strongest cheerleaders and certainly members of my Sunshine committee.

There is not one piece of Stacy's artwork that I have not loved the minute I saw it. This baby crow gnome came to live here at Casa de Cuckoo and more particularly on the Gnome and Elf, Yule tree. This will forevermore remind me of crow love shared.
I have already related this story to Stacy and Mama Crow but thought I would share it with you as well. And my reason is because the pay it forward, just love each other and Nice Matters thought process that we ascribe to seems very apropos. Stopping to be grateful for the lessons as they are sent to us by the gods is something that the hurry up and get it done society we live in is missing. This time of year makes us all a little cuckoo if you will forgive the pun. We must, we have to, we gotta, are myths of the modern age. We need to stop and learn.

Ry has taught me more lessons than I can tell you. This is but one in the plethora and is but one of the many to come, I'm assured.

We have crows in the neighborhood right now. Lots of crows in the pecan tree of the neighbor just behind us. The birds spend most of the day carrying on conversations in the tree. It's like the local diner and they all come to chat. The noise gets pretty loud in the late afternoon.
Ry took our little dog outside to relieve herself, because she is chicken to go by herself now that Odin has crossed over the rainbow bridge. I think she is smart not wanting to go out and face the crows alone. The crows are peevish at times and are a little wild.
They get a pecan in their beak, fly over her and drop the nut. It is quite amusing to watch her hide under the playset fort because of the bombardment of pecan by those wiley black birds.
Ry stood out there calling up to the crows and telling them to shoo, when all of a sudden he came running back into the house wide eyed followed by Ellie Mae. They both were in a hurry. I asked him what was wrong. He said there was someone up in the tree with the crows. So I went outside to see what was going on. That's when I heard the voice saying, "get, shoo"......in crow. One of the crows was mimicking a human who has said, get, shoo, probably repeatedly. Poor Ry was shaken by the fact that they could mime the human voice.
It took a little while to get his game back on but he went out again and I went with him. Of course he went out and tried to teach the crows to say RyLeigh. Oh what a boy.
All he needed was a little time, encouragement and a push to face his fears. It's a lesson each of us need to take to heart. Life is like that. Sometimes ugly stupid things are going to happen. We, out of self preservation, are going to use our flight or fight muscles. Then we will need time to reflect on what has happened, how we can face that fear, problem or situation.....and then we must move on. Find a direction. I believe that is the lesson that the universe had for both Ry and me.
I thought about that lesson today as I watched the news media take a tragedy and play it over and over again wanting to be the first to tell us who the person was who perpetrated such a heinous act at the elementary school in Connecticut. They just seem to want to guess, embellish and embroider the facts before they even have them well in hand. Our reactions are obvious.....how, why?

But let us give ourselves the time to be informed in an intelligent way. Turn off the TV, let your heart be filled with love for the grieving families...make that your reaction. Not the politics, solutions, gruesome details. Keep your heart and the hearts of others around you free to face this day within your own reality. Light a candle for the victims and their families. Hug each other, know that ugly happens but it must not rule our existence and then in whatever way you can reach out to those affected in the best way possible, with positive energy.
And then please go teach the crows to say ......... love.


  1. Oma Linda, my heart goes out to all the people today in Connecticut! I can't imagine what they are going through!
    I will teach the crows around me to say love, then I will tell them to fly down your way ;o)
    Big Hugs and lots of love to you and the family ;o)

  2. You make a good point about turning off the media and responding to this tragedy in a more personal way. This was such a sad day for America.

  3. You are a very wise woman, Oma Linda.

  4. A very smart boy is our Ry, how are the crow voice lessons going?

    I know what you mean about the news, you get very different news programs over there, and I've never quite understood the crazy approach to it - I was living in Canada when the Oklahoma bomb went off and I swear the same hour of footage played over and over for 3 days straight o.O It's not that we ignore news, but we don't sensationalise it. It's a terrible tragedy, but invading the victims lives in the most aggressive way is not helpful to anyone!


  5. After the first stories appeared online I turned off the computer and did not turn it or the TV on for the next 24 hours. The second time I saw the stories there were so many things that were changed that the only things that remained the same was the schools name and the town where this tragedy happened. The saddness I feel from this makes me not want to look further right now and I imagine I'm not alone in not wanting to be reminded of it every time I turn on the TV or computer. Of course we're in shock and of course it's a terrible thing and of course we are all grieving for the families and the people who lost their lives. Today I will make an effort to find some crows and teach them to say love. S&S

  6. And then maybe the crows can teach it back to the humans who have forgotten how very powerful that one little word is; Love.

    Love to you and the cuckoos, I'm holding you all so close to my heart. xox


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