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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Whatcha been up to?

My postings here have begun to get farther and farther apart. I would say that I am sorry, but that would be a lie. Just been up to my usual no good, just more of it. I, like so many of you out there in bloggyland, just love fall and have in recent years simply let the season escape my grasp with the business of life. I decided this year to stop and smell the green chile, as it were. Create my own enjoyment without the worry of pleasing a soul but me.

So I have taken my own field trips to savor the season. Gone to places that herald the season of nesting and gathering. In doing so, something had to be put on the back burner so to speak.....and that was the blogging. But I am back and looking forward to all the upcoming fun activities of fall equinox, autumal frivolity and of course the celebration of spooky ooky and things that go bump in the night. Followed by dumb dinner, Samhain and Dia de Los Muertos.

There has not been one frantic day in the past 10. Just rainy, cloudy mornings filled with a crispness in the air and some bright golden afternoons warm but not hot. The kind of days that heretofore have made me want to embrace them.....but the worker ant in me always reined in the grasshopper with a fiddle and I restrained my wandering spirit, until this year.

I've gotten the cuckoos off to their destinations each morning and then let the spirit guide me on my day. It has been grand. Nothing particularly noteworthy but mine alone. Quiet, calm, peace filled moments or hours during which I did as "I" pleased. With the exception of one obligation that was scheduled during my "me" time, I've "had no strings on me", as the Disney song from Pinocchio goes.

The roasting of green chiles, the grilling of corn in the cob I bought at a roadside stand, mid week back country walk along a winding spring where I was greeted by 3 deer, some rabbits, a wild mare and her foal and a very angry pinon jay with a bone to pick with me. Sitting near a well traveled path in the nearby foothills, I met and had conversation with a lovely woman who was visiting New Mexico from France. During our conversation I asked if she knew of the castle Wildenstein (my husbands surname) between France and Germany and we were both tickeld to find out that she lives less than 100 miles from the castle, has been there on several occassions and told me much about the surrounding countryside. We also had so many other things, places and life views in common. It was like meeting an old friend for the first time in a long time for both of us.

Small world indeed. Chance meeting? Or is it? If my new friend had made her trip last year as she originally planned, I wouldn't have been out treating me to small pleasures and reconnecting with the universe and we might never have meet. So now I'm left to ponder. Do I believe things happen for a reason, or do I believe that our chance meeting was just that, a serendipitious meeting of two like minded people from different parts of the world. Or did the Goddess' design for my new authentic self lend proof of itself in these last few days of autumnal bliss?

I would have been afraid to venture out alone into the "nowherelandness" until my recent cleansing by compassionate depossession of the old fears. Having all of those dark thoughts holding me back from living and the accompanying heavy feelings removed from me has allowed so many more possibilities into my heart and mind. I am in control of me.  That may sound odd to some of you because you have never been occupied by a controlling force, not your own. I am living autenthically for the first time in my memory. But that is the past (literally) and all I have now is the now. I have always been a version of me. But this reintegrated, whole me is enjoying the dickens out of being in control of myself and embracing life.

This new me isn't half bad. The authentic me is a bit less frantic, a lot more calm, much more self assured, and far more able to embrace "what is". Throwing caution to the wind probably doesn't fit into my chronological age bracket but it sure is a happier way to greet the day and grace my heart.


  1. Well, I'm happy to hear this. Living in fear can't be fun.

  2. Sounds like a fabulous way to spend your time, and glad you're enjoying the new yo :o)

  3. Living from the authentic self is celebrating within and without and it sounds like you're doing exactly that. The natural magick of the seasons, the "chance" encounter, the venturing out into different lands, all sound exciting. You are truly an inspiration to me and many others!

  4. I think that a Crone should absolutely be living life like you are. So happy you are in your own groove and are enjoying your life. Kisses and smooches : )

  5. Glad you have chosen to live well and be calm and happy. We could all do better to live that way. Good post.

  6. It seems as if you've been moving so quickly that you've been missing out on life. I'm glad you're slowing down so you can better enjoy life's banquet.

  7. The "authentic" you is always the best you to be!

    Sounds like you've been really enjoying the seasons - now I want some corn on the cob....

    What a great chance-meeting you had! I love when that happens.

  8. How wonderful to be living the way we all should. I'm so very pleased for you. It seems that many of us are spending more time embracing the now and less time on the computer. This is such a beautiful time of year I wish it could last longer. Enjoy. S&S

  9. I'm glad you are taking time for yourself, Oma Linda. If you don't keep you happy then the rest of us won't be able to feed from your glory.

  10. Enjoying (and living) life - good for you!! I don't believe there are chance encounters of any kind because I think there is meaning behind everybody we come in contact with & things that happen.

    It is raining here this morning & afternoon and personally, I LOVE a rainy day! This one is bringing another cold front, so we're expecting cooler temps again, yay!! Truth is, I should be working on a recipe post, but here I am visiting. And that, is perfectly OK!!Have a great week Oma Linda. Love ya gal - enjoy the positive vibes, you've earned them.

  11. Real life must trump blogging every time. I'm glad you're finding ways to enjoy yours more.

  12. I am proud of you Oma Linda! Always take time for you! You are important! I think the meeting with your new friend happened for a reason! I feel everything happens for a reason ;o) Big Hugs ;o)


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