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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Magical gifts............

I am wishing my sweet friend Stacy from Magic Love Crow a Happy Birthday evening. Waving hi sweetie. This dear one and I have a love of stones and crystals in common among other things. Earlier in the summer she went to a "rocky" show and brought gifties for some of her fortunate friends. My grands and I were lucky enough to be among those stone recepients. We got a beautiful red tiger eye, a fabulous fluorite heart (fairy stone), sea glass, and a squid fossil. Happy dance for all the Cuckoos.

A short time after receiving our gifties and before school started, GK and I went to get some crystals at our fave rock and mineral place, "Mama's Minerals". We were cruising the fossil aisle looking for a megladon tooth for Ry for winter solstice and came upon a whole bin of squid fossils....just like the one Stacy sent us. Here's the irony I wanted to share. We met my hubby for lunch that day at an Italian restaurant and he ordered a appetizer tray for us to share. Included was calamari. GK who is a picky eater, tried some, loved it and then asked what is was......I told her what Stacy sent us. Long pause....ewwwwwwwwwww. Funny Bunny.

Also I wanted to show you what the lovely and talented April of The Angry Gnome fame sent to me. She (and I'm sure all of you do too) knows that I adore turtles, red polka dotted mushrooms and what she didn't know is that I am a huge Jan Brett fan. I once stood in line for two hours to get her to sign two books. It was so worth it, we own every single book she has ever written or illustrated. Talk about the perfect surprise. This is a tote sent to bookstores (where April hangs out to the delight of the children) for the newest of her books, Mossy which came out today.

And lastly my bounty includes a gorgeous turtle totem from my wickedy darling Magaly from Pagan Culture. Magaly has been a heart string valued partner in the magickal work for all my cuckoos. I am such a fortunate one to have good friends who allow me to gift them with love and fun. They back to me in kind.

And I thought I would include photos of my crone stones and of a seer quartz stone. These have proved as of late to be very helpful in my work. I also purchased these crone stone on Etsy. The seer stone was purchased at a Ren Faire this year.

And last is a giftie to me for Mabon, Fall Equinox.....a family of Gnomes, I purchased from a lovely shop on Etsy, Joys of the Spirit. We have a  Papa, Oma, Mommy, GK and Ry, as well as the hamster and mouse (our two dogs). Our house has gnomes in almost all the rooms and these now stand guard on the computer desk making me smile while typing.

I sometimes feel odd putting pictures of gifts up on my blog, but then, I want to thank those that sent the lovely items to me and mine. So I hope you will bear with me in my gratefulness. Be well, Oma Linda


  1. You have been blessed with wonderful friends in your life who give you wonderful things.

  2. As the size and variety of the bounty shows, you are very loved my Oma. Your heart reaches out and grabs people, we mere mortal Witches can't help ourselves. We recognize goodness and grit and we like to have it near.

  3. I couldn't agree more with Magaly about your goodness. I don't choose my friends lightly you know.
    Of all of the photos in this post the one of the gnomes is what drew my attention. I'm sure they're great company for you while you're sitting there typing. I've just a kleenex box but I'm smiling anyway. Happy middle of the week day. S&S

  4. Yay for lovely happy mail, always guaranteed to brighten your day :o)

  5. What a lovely collection of stones. I love the squid fossil, heart-shaped stone and that turtle is just amazing. You do indeed have good friends.

  6. What wonderful treasures, each and every one! You are so loved, my sweet Oma Linda, for your heart receives all that it gives. Here's a huge hug! Mina

  7. Hey Oma Linda, you special lady! Thanks for the birthday wishes! So happy you love the stones ;o) I was laughing at GK! LOL! I love all the other treasures you received! You deserve them! Thanks for sharing everything! I love this post ;o) Hugs ;o)


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