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Thursday, September 6, 2012

What happens around you sometimes is not reality and other puzzles of life

This broken down computer time of not being able to just comment or add my two cents worth has been as hard as not being the "chatty cathy" when I was in elementary school. The first adult to call attention to my shortcoming in this area of life was Sister Mary Geraldine, the most evil nun whoever wore a habit. She let me know that I was bad and wrong by the use of the infamous Catholic school torture device called a wooden ruler. It was applied in oh so many ways and locations. As I have gotten older, it has become increasingly harder not to have a response to what is happening around me, since I figure that Sr. M.G. has long since passed on to her "rewards"?????

But seriously, it is hard not to have an opinion about life in the culture in which we live. I've been around the block several thousand times so I have some life experience to draw upon and I am alive. I figure those are the two most important criteria for forming opinions. That and I am relatively intelligent.

I hate politics. My father would have voted for a knot in a board before he would for one party and my mother's father would much rather vote for a dog than the other party.......so you see the turmoil. So having all of these "people" on TV droning on about how awful one side or the other is can be for me.....distressing. So yes, I turn it off. Then there is FB where normally lovely folks are beacons for their "person" and I have avoided that as well as best as you can and not unfriend someone. And these beacons....shine all the damn time. You know there are still other topics out there besides politics (honest). And being hateful just because you can just isn't an option in my small and walled world.

See that is my issue. Lies, compounded lies, hurtful half truths, maligning BS in both arena all make me want to state my opinion.....which could get me into even more trouble than Sr. M.G. ever thought about punishing me for. So, I just don't. So the reality for me is.....I know how I feel, but I don't have to make you know how I feel......even though I may have to eat my own tongue in the process.

Is that a fair way to behave? Yes. And here come the platitudes to prove it.....
When in doubt, don't.
You can never take back words spoken in haste.
If you can't say something nice, then don't speak.
What you send out into the universe, visits you again three times.
Nice Matters
and my personal favorite...........don't be ugly Linda Sybil.

But never once does the memory of a wild canon nun's swipe with the wooden ruler hold sway over my voice. I just know better.

So the soap box is now empty for others to borrow and I'll go back to muttering my opinions to myself.


  1. Maybe one day I will have your wisdom when it comes to keeping my pie hole shut. I agree about the political crap though. I closed down my Facebook for awhile because I got so sick and tired of it. Then I missed you bitches so I opened it again and now I just skim on past that shit.

    I never force my political, social or Religious views on people in person or on Facebook. I do use my blog to go off at the mouth though. I figure it's my blog and my voice. If someone doesn't like it that's what the mouse is for, keep on clicking.

    In real life I am learning that delivery is very important. I can get my point across without using a verbal hammer.

    I've missed you Oma.

  2. I'm with you Linda! I quietly stay away or "eat my own tongue" when it comes to discussion of religion or politics. People no longer really know how to have a civil debate or discussion anyway - it's either all or nothing. They either hate or they love. And it's all downright ugly.

    The political process is pretty dumb these days anyway, and to be honest I'm not one to believe most of what is shared. It's all marketing and manipulation for the most part. I try to find the truths buried deep within and make the best decision I know how at the time, I suppose at times I've certainly not made the best decision, but I do participate in the voting process.

    As to those nuns... I didn't go to Catholic school but I grew up in the church & that age too when the nums were ruler bearing, mean and scary. Seems to be a different world these days - at least I hope it is!

  3. It's amazing and disgusting to me when adults try to make kids feel something is wrong with them and then they grow up feeling something is wrong with them. I and many others are so glad you haven't silenced your voice and I hope you never, ever do!

  4. Following the races ain't my bag baby either, especially in the current political climate of no holds barred nasty, odious behavior. That being said, I do keep informed by ingesting factoids from various sources on all sides of the aisle and vote my conscience.
    Regarding FaceBook - I fully utilize the drop down "hide" selection with the majority of political whoha that crosses my path.
    Regarding Mainstream Media News - Netflix is my new best friend... No commercials and no political ads interupting my spare few moments of downtime in my day.
    Regarding Voting - I did a new thing a couple of years ago and opted to vote by mail - Love it! No more running the gauntlet of political folks on the way in the polling place or standing in a wee booth. I can vote in my jammies if I want -lol-
    All in all while the race is on the the nasty behaviour factor is off the charts I choose to turn it off and fill my world with life affirming happiness, beautiful art, and at least one good belly laugh a day.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  5. My great papa always used to say 'never discuss religion and politics' I think he definitely had a point!

  6. I mentioned on one site that it was interesting that instead of questions, people were just fussing about stuff...They attacked me for that...it wasn't good enough...Need to keep my typing fingers to myself...

  7. Please don't mutter to yourself. That's what your blog is for.

  8. Oh, I'm guilty of passing on political stuff on FB. it goes in waves for me. usually I just ignore all the politics but this current group that has control of (for me) the opposition is downright scary and some things we ignore at our peril. I think there are times when you must speak up and out. I do try to be civil though. I don't post in haste or anger. and quite frankly I get just as tired of the 'cute' cat, dog and baby pics and videos and all the sugary self- acceptance posts. I like a little tension, I like a good discussion (when you can get one), I'll participate in FB 'debates' unless or until they get ugly. extremism on both sides needs to be pointed out and fought because if no one opposes it then there is no opposition to it's progress and even though it probably won't change their mind, at least it lets them know that they are being challenged. I don't mind having my post challenged as long as it's kept civil. but I won't hesitate calling out a hypocrite. so, I hope you don't unfriend me but if you must hide me, it's OK.

  9. Things get rather ugly sometimes, don't they? And I know that many times we just need to walk away and let the crazies yell at the wall. But I agree with Ellen, too. If we don't speak, then no one will hear us. Cliché, I know, but it is the truth. And as much as our parents told us that closed mouth welcomes no flies, keeping our mouths closed forever can also ensure that we'll starve to death.

    I don't worry about you though. I know that you'll stay quiet it the talk is about nonsense, but no voice will be louder than yours if you are needed and you know that you can make a difference. I'll echo...


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