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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ya know you're getting older when you're googling cures for gout.......

Me and the gout poster child had a lot of serious moments together
You know the fabulous doctor that I have....you know the one who was so kind and helpful? Well I called two weeks ago when I had my panic attack (which turned out to be a mini stroke) during the donkey roping and then gout set in, to make an appointment and I can see him mid August.

If I think it is hard to get to see him now, just wait until the medical care changes go into effect and there are even more patients wanting to be taken care of.....maybe. Anyway, I needed some relief and herbs have always served my family well. So I've been on the computer and I have found out some fairly interesting things.

I always thought gout was from overeating or from eating rich foods. Nope. Here's my list of new knowledge.

A. gout is associated with and is considered a form of arthritis. Prolonged attacks of gout (edema) actually destroy joint tissue and make the arthritis worsen.

B. gout is easily managed with just a few things that must be adhered to. No caffeine, limited salt, no organ meats, icing the affected joints, lots of water.

C. there are many herbals that can help a body to rid itself of the uric acid. (interestingly enough diuretics don't help, they hinder).
Some of these herbs are devils claw, bilberry, nettle root, and tart cherries, in either tincture or fresh.

D. the anti inflammatory medicine I was taking actually is on the list of prescriptions that may lead to high uric acid build up.

E. a change of diet to include more potassium, fiber, vitamin C and anthocyanines and no purine are highly recommended.

So everything I was taking to make myself feel better was contributing to the "cankle" problem I had. And the "cankle" problem was so painful and had spread to my finger and wrist joints. At one point my foot was 3 times the size it normally is. I freaked out. I hadn't done anything different and yet there it was. 

But I have such smart people around me. SM and Shel helped me see that the smoothies, paletas (Mexican frozen fruit bars but for grown up tastes) and frozen fruit treats I was making for the kids are what I should be eating too. As well as plain old fresh fruits and veggies.

I gave up all caffeine and that alone make a 75% difference. No more pills but rather fruit, herbs and walking (now that I can) are fixing my foot, wrists and fingers. The arthritis I have isn't going away. That's a part of my medical history but in two weeks time, the changes are huge.

So when I go in to my appointment with my doctor in 5 weeks. What will I have to see him about? Maybe the old complaints will be new information for me to share with him. And then we can talk about "biotch" TV, his favorite.

I just wanted to share the good news with you because I am a happy lady and can almost dance to prove it.


  1. Isn't it something the way things happen when we get older? I, too have had to make a major diet change. When I went to the ER for a sprained muscle from coughing, they found I had dangerously high blood pressure. I was a walking time bomb at 183 over 130. They also found a nodule in my lung which the lung doctor says looks benign. Now, I have a pet scan on Tuesday.

    By the way, yucca is good for arthritis. They even make a pill that one can get in the Vitamin Shoppe.

  2. Goodness! I'm sure glad you're on the mend - what an experience!!

  3. I've had gout and it's a pain I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Allopurinol has prevented any more attacks.

  4. yoga and stretching have made a big difference to my sciatica...after a couple of weeks...it was all gone...i have to keep it up though....and that takes discipline...i know lots of water is essential too...maybe i will try cutting out the caffeine next.....NOOOO! i love my caffeine! Way to go...i am glad you are feeling better!

  5. Gout is awful...though cherries will help...keep trying...will be thinking of you...

  6. Oh, I sure hope you will be feeling better soon. Gout is no fun at all !!!

  7. The Internet can be a mixed blessing when it comes to providing information but I'm glad you discovered some workable solutions this time around. Here's to feeling better!

  8. I'm thrilled that you've found something that helps. I'm going to cut back on caffeine to see if that helps my swollen feet and ankles. Isn't getting older interesting? Just look at all we're learning. Have fun walking now that you can. Smooches

  9. So glad to hear that the easiest and healthiest changes are working well for you. This aging thing.. well it's better than the alternative.

  10. I am SO HAPPY you are feeling better!!! YOU need to be on the mend because soon it will be time to Dance down the Yellow Brick Road!!! XOXOXOOXOXOOXOXO!!!

  11. What a wise family you have :o) Good luck with the change in regimen, hope you're dancing in the streets in no time!

  12. So glad you have found some relief, that's wonderful!!! YAY!!!
    Take very good care!
    Always, Queenie

  13. bless your heart!
    i had my first flare up with gout when i was in my mid 30"s...REALLY!!!
    you never think about your toe until it's so painful you can't step down or even have a sheet covering it!!!
    luckily..it's only flared up a few times in the past20 + years!!!
    my neighbor has it also...he swears by cherry juice!!

  14. Oma Linda, I am so happy for you! I am doing my happy dance with you! Mom is happy too! Big hugs and lots of love from the both of us ;o)

  15. sorry I haven't been around. had grandkids and needing to focus on business matters. glad to hear that you are getting some relief through doing things right and not depending on the big pharma who only agenda is getting you to take more and more pills. sotty to hear about the stroke. a TIA? don't ignore that. especially if you have another one. they'll kill you too.

  16. First, let me tell you how sorry I am to hear about the additional pains. UGH! And a mini stroke? OMG sweetie. Don't do that again, do you hear me???

    I love the internet and often wonder what I ever did before it came along so I could do all of these wonderful searches. I haven't done the gout one yet but I am sure it's coming. ;-) I love the information you found and must agree that since I had added a lot of fresh foods and water into my own diet it has really made a difference. I just can't seem to leave the caffeine alone and am always blaming my soul sucking job for that. I hope you remain on the mend, my lovely friend. Mina


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