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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

So many topic choices so little energy to post.....

Let's see, I need to wish all of you Blessings on this full moon. Thunder Moon. And it has been doing a lot of that in the last 24 hours. Not a bunch of rain but at least some. We'll take whatever we can get.
Royce_Duble on Pinterest
It is berry season and my turtles all have big red grins on their faces from the strawberries that we planted. And because we could get them so inexpensively as well as cantalope which is my turtles fave fruit of all time, the shelled cuties have been gorging on melon and berries. I have spent wayyyyyyyyyy to much time out in the heat watching them and listening to the thunder booming all around. But it is hard not to watch how funny and territorial they become over a piece of fruit.

After the floor show I come inside and drink mint leaf tea. Yum. I used to not like sweet mint. I thought it was kinda skunky but this years growth is really wonderful and pungent and so I am making good use of it.
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And I will wish all of you Americans, Happy 4th of July. This is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for....or at least it used to be. Last year, along with banners and lights, we put out a bunch, like 20 something flags to line our driveway and some really wonderful human being stole every last one of them. Well, I hope his starving family enjoyed the broth they made from his stolen booty flags. That's sarcasm people and I have a black belt.
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Why????? and then I say why do I ask why people do what they do?

I saw on facebook today that someone else had named tomorrow as national cower, torture and scare the june bugs outta pets day. Yep, I would say that kinda rings true as well. Because I am a city girl, I wouldn't have thought of the noise and stress that occurs like everywhere, city, farm, suburbs, where ever but this person talked about her horses and goats and how she wished she had ear plugs for them so they would not be so upset. Poor critters, they can't call the non emergency number and tell who and where.

I remember my Mother would turn the music up really loud when we left my Peke home alone during thunderstorms or fireworks. And yet every time we came home he was in the same place piddling and whining.....in the bath tub. Poor Tiki, he just hated bangs. And he was manageable to hold. When we had Saint Bernards, OMG, both of the girls wanted to be in my lap. That's a lot of dog to try to comfort.

Neither of the mutleys we have now are the least bit upset with bangs or thunder. Happy Dance. And speaking of mutleys, Happy Coming to our house to live Ms. Ellie Mae Scootles. It's been two years since we rescued you from those big old nasty semi trucks.
She is a bigger idiot today than when she came to live with us, but what do you expect when you live at Casa de Cuckoo????
So tonight, sans rain, we will have a rain dance in honor of the Thunder Moon and tomorrow night the kids and Shelley have a date with the huge fireworks display here in 'Burque. The old folks, us, are staying home and enjoying calling the non emergency number for illegal fireworks on our neighbors. Nah......just joking, but I do have them on speed dial.

Oma Linda


  1. ha ha !! You do have a black belt in sarcasm - and I respect that!

    Happy 4th of July!

  2. Okay, you had the whole office wondering what I was stifling giggles at all the way through this post, so I had them all imagining you with a lap full of 2 St Bernards, which kept them all entertained :oD

  3. LOL! I've got this imagine of the turtle wars where little turtles are waving swords and battling over a huge strawberry patch. Thanks heaps!
    It's going to be another sleepless night around here because the neighbors up the street have deep pockets and an endless supply of noisy fireworks. There have been trial runs for the past week. Have to be sure the darn things actually work, right?
    Wishing all of the lovely folks at Casa de Cuckoo a wonderful 4th of July. Smoochies to all

  4. I can only imagine those two pooches on you lap.. wow. Happy two years with your little sweetie. I hope you had a wonderful 4th.

  5. We finally had a rain storm...got about an inch of rain...hope it's not too late for the corn and other crops...

  6. Oma Linda, I hope you and the family had a great 4th of July ;o) Someone stole all your flags??? Errrrrr.... Ms. Ellie Mae Scootles looks adorable ;o) I would love to see some pictures of your turtles and the fruit ;o) I hope you enjoyed Thunder Moon ;o) Big Hugs ;o)


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