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Saturday, July 14, 2012

A lovely update from Casa de Cuckoo

As of the 11th of July, my darling daughter is a single woman again. After many twists and turns her divorce is finalized.

I could go on about the happiness, jubilation and relief but then you already knew we would be such. Many of you have helped us through this process. Thank you. Many of you have cared for us when we were being sent all manner of negative energy and because of how magickally we live our lives, I can report, no scars or wounds. Blessings to all of  you who love us.

This next week will be very busy with the ending of the summer program for the grands. There will be a talent show on Weds. I can hardly wait, Ms. GK has a solo and oh my. We are going to attempt a video to share, we'll see. 

Tuesday I am going to go through a procedure (could be life changing) and I am very positive about the outcome. And all of you need not worry. I will also share next week about the results. I don't want to keep you hanging.

And then Thursday, I will be hosting Celebrate Oz. Ms. Baggs has already completed her interview and is preparing her report for you. I do hope you will join us on Thursday for what looks to be a fun mixture of all kinds of entries in the celebration of the iconic Wizard of Oz.

And as if that we not enough, Sunday we are going on a mystery trip. The details are top secret but I will share next week.

So you see, we Cuckoos are thriving and doing well. Hope all of you have a splendid weekend. We might, fingers crossed, gets some rain and that would be fabulous.


  1. SO glad that the whole family is not only surviving but thriving now with all the new changes and events coming up. Lots to look forward to now and sending you blessings Linda for whatever's going to happen.

  2. wonderful news and I'm sure a big load has been lifted off her shoulders. I hope the procedure goes well whatever it is. and mystery fun day!

  3. Wow you sure have a lot of good things going on.. that's wonderful. Congrats to your daughter and good luck to you with your procedure. Will stay tuned!

  4. I'm so happy things are settled for your daughter, now she can begin writing a new page.
    Good luck with the procedure and all the other endeavours ; )

  5. Woohoo, bet you were all dancing in the street on Wednesday!

    Looking forward to seeing the video of the solo, and will keep everything crossed for the procedure! Have a fun mystery trip too :o)

  6. So glad that everything is turning out for the best and that your future is filled with mystery and excitement--the only way to live. I look forward to some of your revelations.

  7. Busy week! I know your daughter is relieved and I can't wait to hear more good news, so sending much love and happy energy your way.

  8. Yeah!! All is well and the Casa de Cuckoo family is thriving. I'm so happy for all of you. Wish I was there to see GK's solo. Hope the video is a success. Can't wait for the 19th and the big Oz celebration. See ya then. Smooches

  9. Yeh, so happy for your daughter!! So happy everyone is thriving and doing well ;o) Procedure??? I'm not worrying ;o) Hugs ;o)


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