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Saturday, June 9, 2012

What do Johnny Depp, Snow White and a day trip have in common?

That's easy.

It's what this blog is about today.

Today, as Robin Larkspur at Wiccan Writes pointed out, is Mr. Depp's birthday. He is 49 today. So let's all clink glasses for this beautious man.

Speaking of beautious men, the huntsman in Snow White is of that variety as well. Sweet Man took me to the movies yesterday and we saw Snow White and the Huntsman. I was surprised by how much I liked the movie. The story was embellished with such wonderful special effects and twists in the telling of the tale. It was very violent but not particularly graphic in the violence.

The Queen was a surprise. She also was a character with so much more depth than I expected. And Snow White was very intense. I've never seen the vampire movies this actress has starred in, so this was my first time of seeing her. The dwarfs are perfectly wonderful and well, I won't tell.

But the Huntsman was just beautiful and rugged. I also have never seen Thor, so he also was a new look for me.

And today Sweet Man and I are taking the grands on one of our "don't know where we're going til we get there" adventures. I'm sure we will have photos of our misadventures for a later post.

Have a lovely Saturday.


  1. Hi Oma Linda ;o) I have a lot to catch up with on this blog! I thought I would start off with this post ;o) Hmmmm,,,I wonder why??? LOL! Happy Birthday my dearest Johnny! Love the quote! Thanks for the review on Snow White, I have been thinking of going to see it ;o) I hope you've had a great time on your adventure ;o) I will be catching up on the other posts hopefully tomorrow ;o) Hugs ;o)

  2. LOVE Johnny Depp- Who Doesn't!!!! And Snow White will always be a Favorite!! So Glad to hear the movie is good..I've been wondering.Thank-you, Oma!!!

  3. Johnny Depp...oh sorry, I forgot what I was doing for a moment. ;-)

    Well I did see Thor and that man is eye candy ala mode. I want to see "The Huntsman" as well. From what I have read of history and the classics, our modern day fairy tales were all cleaned up. In their original forms they were much darker, graphic and raw; they were lessons for living rather than enchanting entertainment. Anyway, here's to beauteous men abound! Huzzah!

  4. Oh yes. Johnny Depp. Beauteous man. Oh, to be his beloved.

  5. Who doesn't have a thing for Johnny Depp? I haven't been to see the Snow White movie but I did see Thor and that man is enough to stir even this old bag's blood!! Yes, both of the aformentioned men are worthy of a second or third look or even a full on oogle!


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