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Thursday, June 7, 2012

We've been busy here at the Casa.... busy and dotty

Still trying to get the back porch done in time for Midsummer's night. Lots left to do now, mostly sewing and I'm at a standstill with that. Oh well, it will get done by hook or by crook.

kinda hard to see the frosting unless you maximize these
I thought I would share some snippets of what it is going to look like and also share the photos I've had fun doing on PicMonkey.

Happy Days ya'll.....smooches and squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. well, I hadn't seen any posts from you and now I see that I just haven't been getting your updates on my dashboard. so that's why I haven't been visiting. I guess I'll have to re-follow.

  2. Your back porch is amazing!!! I love everything so much! Wow, so cool and so much fun!! You've been working hard! A+++

  3. OH MY I ALMOST MISSED the Back Porch!!! That Bistro table looks So Mushroomy and the Dotty Bunting and the Kid's couch and the dotty lamp and starry windows!!!IT IS ALL FABULOUS and the Angry Gnome is SO IMPRESSED!!!! WONDERFUL!!!

  4. Oh Linda, I LOVE this porch. It is such a magical and enchanting treat. Fabulous job. My porch is so boring in comparison. Hugs, Mina

  5. This is absolutely worth the wait! I'm loving every thing on this migickal back porch. The Gnomey bistro table is enchanting and I want one on my porch. Oops..I just remembered, I don't have a porch. Everything is coming together beautifully. smooches and squoozes to you too.


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