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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

you say Donkey, I say Donkee

Our very talented and artistic Ry gave me a present this morning. The reason being......none. He just wanted to give me a present.

Yesterday the Threesome went for a hike down by the Bosque. They all love to see what there is to see. And one of Shelley's regular customers at the diner told her that they could see all manner of wildlife and that's all they needed to hear. They were rewarded with sightings of the following: rabbits camels, geese, chickens, turkeys, hummingbirds, hawks, horses, dogs, all kinds of large and small insects (they even took pictures of ants). They only heard peacocks.But no donkeys. They got chased by the turkeys because Mr. D at MBF introduced the kids to the turkey caller. And GK does a darned good lady turkey....thus the interest by the big males. Shelley was a little apprehensive of their interest in GK. So now we can add turkey caller to her talents on her application for college.

The regular specifically said there would be donkeys and camels, but they were in the front pastures, not the ones facing the open space.

And so I think that's why Ry was thinking of Donkees, or Donkeys. Isn't this the bestest trio block donkey on the planet. I just love how he has translated the real to the blocks. Gotta love an artistic eye.

XOXO Oma Linda


  1. Wow! Ry did an amazing job on this donkey and wasn't it just so sweet to have a gift "just because." He is such a special old soul in a young man's body.

    I am so glad they all went for a hike in such a beautiful place even though they could not see donkeys. GK is such a nature goddess. Her application and resume will be packed with talents indeed. Best wishes and love to you and yours. Mina

  2. WILDLIFE CAMELS?????!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! One hump or two? Love that Lego Donkey!!!!!

  3. Ry's donkey rocks!!! So special for him to give you a present for no reason! Those are the best gifts of all! He is one terrific little guy! Turkey caller! LOL! Gk, you go girl! LOL! Hugs Oma Linda ;o)

  4. I'm most impressed with Ry's skills as a Donkee artist. I see a bright future for him in the art world. ;o]


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