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Sunday, June 10, 2012

No photos from yesterday....but we had a time

The day started off...uhhhhhh badly. I don't like it when the voice I hear coming out of my mouth is the school teacher one. Be that as it may.....we had some difference of opinion about what was and was not a good action. So our departure was postponed by scoldings. Dang it.

After we had the attitude adjustment we headed out to the junkstore for a cookie sheet to slide under the door when we are not home so the new cat Cybella the brat won't destroy any more of the carpet by pulling it up. Yeah well we try. The boys dropped us off and went to the hardware store for a deodorant block for the swamp cooler. I'm not particularly fond of fish tank smell in the afternoons when the water heats up so there ya go.

While at the junkstore we found faux books (huge) to hold the chalk and eraser for the now blackboard coffee table in the living room. I still owe you pix of the table. They play hangman for hours and draw to their hearts content. I love my new cheapy blackboard table. So cool. Also we found kinda metal thingies to shove under the door for her royal hiney Cybella.

So off for an adventure with 60's music blaring, kids laughing at us for singing and dancing and then we ended up at the foot of the Sandias, after lunch for a visit with our favorite herd of Bison. They look so nasty at this time of year when they are molting but in another month, they will be the gorgeous creatures we love. I didn't know this but the patches of hair that falls off when they molt was used for spinning and weaving. The buffalo molt can be carded and separated. Who knew? The Native Americans found value in every part of the buffalo, no wonder they were worshiped.....food, clothing, fuel, shelter.....all from one critter.

So today we had a photo shoot on the back porch for an upcoming event. I'll leave you with the smiles of two happy grands.
Hope your Sunday is as pleasant as mine has been.


  1. Sweet Man just reminded me I forgot part of the adventure. On a whim, SM stopped at a firestation and took Ry in to see the truck. GK was hoping we wouldn't get arrested....she had no idea that the guys had asked permission and received it. Ry had a blast touching a Capt. Hat and GK was glad she didn't have to go to Juvy. tee hee. SM just smiled at both of their happiness.

    And Yes, we need MORE PHOTOS!! And last year I went to a Fiber Sale and bought Buffalo Fiber for felting.
    When I was a teacher's Aid, we went to the Fire Station, and the guys were so friendly and sweet. I was very impressed at how great they made their beds- nice and neat. But we never got to slide down the pole- EVERY kid's Wish!

  3. Miss Oma Linda, you and your beloved Sweet Man are the most wonderful grandparents a child could wish for. Never doubt those children will cherish you both for all eternity.

    I am so glad you had a fabulous day despite the initial scolding. I know, boundaries must not only be set but sometimes re-affirmed. It's the way of the human household. ;-)

    LOVE that picture. The swing is gorgeous, fit for the royalty that sits upon it. I really want that frilly skirt surrounding the goddess in training, GK...and are those striped stockings hiding beneath it? Be still my beating heart! If RY gets any more handsome, I suspect he will be coming home with more phone numbers from fair faced young ladies. Warm hugs to you, my lovely friend. Mina

  4. Love the photo of the grands on that wonderful porch swing. I think Mina is right, I do see some stripped stockings under the frilly skirt.
    It sounds like another great adventure was had by all. I want to be included on the next adventure okay?
    Yes, you do owe us a photo of the chaulk board table.
    I'm almost caught up. Only one more week to go. ;o]

  5. Hi Oma Linda ;o) Catching up on this blog ;o) Still not getting the new posts ;o(
    So happy you had a great sunday ;o) You and your hubby are fantastic Grandparents! The stop at the fire station would have been fun! Cybella is a little brat! Hope no more pulling up the carpet! Hugs ;o)


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