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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Awwww Sweet Sunday

You know how lots of bloggers participate in different blogging events? Oh, like Wordless Wednesday, Pink Saturdays etc? I've been thinking about all the blessings that come into my life and I wanted to have a special time to list them ie, gifts, surprises, love shared etc.

So I am today introducing my Sweet Sunday. A time every week when I can tell you of my blessings of the week. This is also a way of me keeping my heart open to all the good and wonderful that surrounds me thereby helping me keep my life in perspective. And yes sometimes my sweet will be peppered with my own special brand of humor, so hold on lovelies, it's time for the first Sweet Sunday.

I hope you will enjoy smiling along with me.

I sent out Valentine's to some of my favorite people. I much rather let people know I'm thinking about them at a time when they don't expect it rather than at Christmas etc when we all are busy and manic (oh is that just me?) and a love note isn't as noticed during that time. So that's the why. Anyway, I received the sweetest note from one of you and it touched my heart. Thank you Bird, you made my week.

I had that medical stupidity the last couple of weeks and so many of you took time to share good thoughts, ideas of what to do and sent me energy to be able to stand up for myself with the doctor. Makes me want to break out into song "that's what friends are for"....lalalalala. Blessings to you soul sistas who are my rock.

And to those that allow me to keep loving you right back. Giving me reason to dress a candle for you and carry you in my heart for however long you need me. To love is the greatest gift someone can give you....no not the one loving but the one who lets you love them. Janie, Jarline, Stacy thanks and your candles are burning as I type.

To gain an insight into someone else's pain and learn from it is a rare experience. But to be witness to someone eloquently and beautifully emparting their inner struggle is a priviledge. Depression touches so many of us. I have found that out as I have shared my own ups and downs. Melissa I am in awe of you. Thanks for giving me a different perspective and an appreciation for your view.

And I saved the crazy until last. Shelley and the grands have gone on a mini vacation to the southern part of the state. Part of the trip was to White Sands and that area. Which meant I have 2 days to party old lady style with just me and my new serger with no interruptions of the kid variety. uh huh.

This morning Sweet Man tippy toed out of the bedroom, fed the dogs and cat, and left me to sleep late sans little people feet flying down the hardwood floors in the hallway to the bathroom 227 times before getting ready for school, or opening and closing bedroom doors having changed their minds about what to wear or forgetting some very important pencil or homework or dinosaur. Awwwww the sweet sound of..................my cell phone?????? Now let me stop here and say, I should have been "oh no something is wrong" but I was thinking "oh hell, I shoulda turned the phone off,  it's the cell company with some stupid ad about a new app or something dumb". So I ignored it. Another text message. I looked at the phone and it was GK. Twice in a period of 30 seconds. So I texted her "still sleeping". She texts back, "go back to sleep, Swaga girl."

Before I got anymore rings of annoyance, I called her. She said the reason she was calling is because she was worried about me being lonely and she wanted to tell me that she loved me and did I know how close to Mexico she was and did I know that she felt weird when she got out of the car and the White Sands wasn't cold cuz it really looked like snow and that they are going to a carnival that they found and that the swimming pool was really fun. And then she took a breath. It's that awwww thing again. As dumb as it sounds, it made me feel loved and it was sweet that she thought of me at all in her darling 11 year old mind. So busy with being a kid and having fun and she gave me a good healthy dose of Sweet Sunday.

I hope your week to come is filled with awwwwww moments and that you recognize the sweetness in your own life....be it big or little.

XOXO Oma Linda


  1. Heh, love that GK thought you might be lonely rather than sleepy ;o) Hope you got back to that nap right afterwards :oD

  2. Counting blessings here, too. One of them is that great S.N. Zipper music that's playing in the background.

  3. Your lovely man must be related to mine. He gets up all quiet and keeps the Little Princess busy enough, so that I won't wake up. And when I opened my eyes--I think he has the bedroom bugged--because a few minutes later he is right next to me with my cup of French vanilla coffee.

    I shall be here getting and sharing some Sunday sugar, sugar ;-)

  4. Love the music and your post! Hope that you are doing ok!


  5. I love this Sweet Sundays thing. It's so nice to hear thanks and to have thanks and focusing on the positive, even if just for a few moments, actually makes an energetic change. The longer the focus, the longer the change.

    That girl talking about the depression, she sure does sound like a genius.

  6. What goes around, comes around. Sometimes that's not always a bad thing. So many blessings in your life--enjoy them. ((((Oma Linda))))

  7. Linda, this is the best idea ever. To sum up reflections of the pure love from your week and share it under the beautiful title of "Awwww Sweet Sunday" is just an inspirational gift. I smiled all the way through this post. Sometimes from your own special humor, but mostly because it all just gave me the most incredible warmth - you know, that kind that the heart quietly searches for whether awake, asleep or just being? You have that affect of me though and I love ya for it. Hugs, Mina

  8. A very sweet post, indeed. I like the idea of sending out V-day cards. It truly is unexpected. Great idea.

  9. How'd ya get to be so awesome? The Sweet Sunday creation is inspired Linda... I really like "To love is the greatest gift someone can give you....no not the one loving but the one who lets you love them" this I reread numerous times, this is wonderful. Endless Sweet Sunday's to allx


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