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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Awwww, Sweet Sunday

I had such a good response to Awwww, Sweet Sunday that I am here again to share.

When the grands came home last Monday, it was as though I had walked into the Aviary at the Zoo. Squawking and chattering all at the same time they sounded like a flock of bird. But the short of the story is that they had a wonderful time filled with amazing new things that they didn't know about New Mexico. "Did I know???????". And you know most of the information I did know but I was thrilled that they had bits and pieces that I didn't know. The exchange of love for the state they were born in was a big kick for me. Their enthusiasm was so fun to see. Now they have "day" trips planned and have gotten on the computer and have at least 7 all planned out.

The sweetest part was when GK said that while they had fun as 3, they really wanted Pop and I to go next time. Awwwwwwww.

I have 3 blogs that I post to. OBNSS, this one and Practically Magickal. On PM, I try to feature an artist for the week. Going back to the bird illustration....we "arting" types tend to flock together as well, but we also have individual interests that give us different exposures. Keeping that thought in mind, as well as following Etsy's advice about broadening your base of customers, I began to feature not only friends but friends of friends, people I have bought from or used their services. It is a real joy to see not only how the featured artist receives the week but also how followers respond to the different media the artist work within.
Last weeks featured artist Michelle of Sunshineshelle, an Aussie artist of wonderfulness surprised me with a lovely button for my PM blog. It was just a super surprise. Thank you Michelle. My little flying witch and cat are so dear.

And lastly this week, I have to tell on my husband (the strangest man on the face of the planet, lucky me). As I have let you all know we have been together so long and are so used to each other's strangeness that sometimes folks around us just smile, shake their heads and move away quickly and quietly. Of course sometimes they get caught up in our "banter of love" or the train wreck whichever you choose to call it. My husband loves breakfast....anytime. He would rather go out to eat breakfast than prime rib....but let's face it, in Burque, not alot of choices for just breakfast sans chile. So we found a bakery that serves breakfast sandwiches and lovely muffins and scones not far from the house.

So on his day off he tells me to go with him to take the kids to school and after dropping them off....we went to the bakery. The girl behind the counter remembered us....go figure and gives Sweet Man a free muffin. I asked her why and she said that an older woman who was in there when we were there last week had commented to her how moved she was by our "love talk" and behavior and had told her if she saw us again to give SM his favorite treat (and gave this server the money) because he reminded her of her late husband. She said he had also been a brat and a joker and it made her feel so very happy to be near us. First how sweet of this lady to reward my Sweet Man and second how sweet of the server to have followed through and done what the lady had requested.

This one also proves that love and all it's strange ways is it's own reward. I hope that if and when the sweet woman comes back in to the bakery that she is surprised that we left a treat for her as well. Pay if forward ya'll.....works every time, even if we never know where those ripples go.

I hope you all have a blessed week and see signs of love everywhere. XOXO Oma Linda


  1. Aww, glad they had such a fab time, and that (selfishly) you get to go next time, so we can share too :oD

    Also love the little pay it forward story, how nice of the lady to think of you, and for the server to remember, it was obviously fate :o)

  2. Oh what a GREAT story!! The strangest man on the planet ! LOL!!! checking out the PM blog!

  3. Awwww! This is such a warm and fuzzy post today. Cuteness concerning the grands and their love of New Mexico. Adorable blog button for the other blog.(I'm going to stick a copy of on mine, BTW.) Then the adventure that was the trip to the bakery and what transpired there.... What strange blog have I stumbled onto? Where's my crusty old friend who I know and love so well? I'm sitting here grinning and that juat ain't natural. Pass a hug on to Oma Linda for me when you see her. xoxo

  4. Be careful of women giving your husband free "muffins" tee hee hee.

    You guys sound disgustingly adorable, I mean that in a good way too.

  5. It is a wonderful post, love that you two made an impact on someones life although you do more than you realize Oma Linda. I am playing catch up on your blog. glad the kids had such a fabulous time too. sending you a big hug.

  6. Oh that is SO sweet. I hope she returns..

  7. Your new blog button is wonderful, full of fun and character.
    Thank you for relating your bakery experience. How sweet was that little unknown lady! Just the pick-me-up story Queenie needed on a Tuesday in the mundane.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  8. Oh Linda, this is such a lovely post from beginning to end. You are such a beautifully special soul and love is attracted to you like the sun to a flower. Pay it forward indeed, my lovely Linda.

  9. Oops! I got so awash in your precious post that I forgot to tell you how gorgeous your button is. I need to go grab it. Shelle is another sweety!


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