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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Greetings to you all......

Didn't have a whole lot of time for decorating Casa de Cuckoo this year for Valentoonie Day. But I can't not decorate so here's what we have out this year.

gnome sweethearts at the heart arch
'Lil Devil resting on a block valentine

our favorite gnome couple welcoming the red polka dot chicken to Casa de Cuckoo

And we can't leave out my favorite Donkey owning folks with a Valentine nod and pressie. Ms. Linda from  the 7MSN Ranch (7 miles from nowhere). And of course Don and Justina from MBF (Morning Bray Farm).

I hope all of you have a love filled Valentoonie and wish you squoozes and smooches from Casa de Cuckoo. XOXOXO


  1. I love that heart tree , Happy Valentines from our home to yours Linda. hugs.

  2. My ma always decorated for every holiday. I did when I got my first house in my early twenties but lost interest. Sure, my Wheel altar changes with each Pagan holiday but other than Halloween and Christmas I just cook for the holiday : ) It all comes down to food doesn't it!

  3. For someone who claims to not having time for decorating, you put me, who has all of the time in the world, to shame. I love every one of these little decorations, especially the ones with the gnomes. Happy Valentoonie Day. Hugs and Smoochies to all at Casa de Cuckoo.

  4. Thank goodness I have one of your creations otherwise I wouldn't have anything up. As usual, time got the better part of me and I have nothing on display...oh wait, I don't have any Valentine stuff anyway...note to self, "Hey, bonehead, make or buy Valentine stuff for next year!" It's off to Hobby Lobby on Wed.!! LOL

    Have a great day and hope you get that big box of chocolates.

    Loves ya mucho,

  5. You have such pretty decorations out way more than I have. I'm just feeling Scrooge only for Valentine's day ; ) Btw, thank you SO much for my lovely old fashioned heart that I received in the mail. It put a big smile on my face

  6. Your decorations (I sure) make your place look wonderfully romantic for the holiday...Enjoy...

  7. All the read is good enough to eat, yum!

  8. Blogger ate my original comment, but the jist was - I love that you decorate for every holiday (because I don't) and if your gnome lovelies ever want to take a road trip.. ;) ;)

    Happy Valentoonies to my favorite soul family! <3

  9. I love your beautiful decor and wish to you and the rest of your donkey adoring loves, a very happy valentines day. Sending huge hugs your way. Mina

  10. Hi there sweetest woman of the world!
    I got a lovely surprise in my mailbox!
    Thank you so much Linda!


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