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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh Blogger, you dun me wrong..........

It's like having a boyfriend cheat on you.....dealing with Blogger. Ya never know if you can trust um again.

First, my background on two of the other blogs shrunk to stupid in the middle and were not longer backgrounds but obstructions to reading.
Then I put a new plainish background on OBnSS to fix that problem, changed my mind when I found a cute on on Shabby Blogs, applied it and Blogger became like sticky snot you can't get off your finger and wouldn't let go of the header and so I have a half breed blog background. I just left it and said to hell with it.
Ever so often, it says I don't have followers, then it says I don't have blogs that I follow, but today..........

I am told that some of you, who I follow everyday do not have correct links to your blogs and get an idiot error message indicating the I must contact Blogger to make amends for yours and my transgressions. My words not theirs, but REALLY????????????? Are you kidding me???????????? It's not like I'm behind in my rent a space at Blogger bill, my contract is not up, I didn't terminate my relationship in bad stead. I'm just blogging out here like normal.

I have always known that there is a persnickety little troll living inside and every computer I have ever owned. But this one that is yanking my chain at Blogger is a real stinker.

I shall wait a couple of days, meanwhile seeking you out as I can, to see if this too sorts itself out. But this post may be for not. You may not be able to get notification that I have posted either. Whose to know? I am going to investigate other possibilities and ask the users if they have tsunami's perpetrated on their blogs as well and how often the "unnatural events" occur cuz this one sucks. And quite frankly, I'm in a pissy mood today because of the weather so.............I may sunshine myself out of this one too.

Blogger, Blogger, Blogger.......didn't your Momma tell you to play nice?


  1. Blogger has what we, in the testing industry, refer to as 'features'. That would be the bits that go spontaneously wonky in someone else's software that we can relax in the knowledge that we didn't test, while bitching about it to others lol I think it all started to go a bit nuts when they switched from developing in IE to developing in Chrome (their own browser) and stopped checking what happened in other browsers. There's been more than a few oddities since then!

    BTW, your blogs both look fine to me :o)

  2. Well, you showed up on my dashboard. I haven't had any real problems beyond it telling me once in a while that I don't follow any blogs. Usually just refreshing the page takes care of that. Once in a while I have been told that I don't have permission to view a blog that I have been going to regularly but it usually corrects itself the next day. I don't have trouble with my template cause I just stick with plain basic white.

  3. Hope things get all fixed up soon friend! No fun!
    hugs and sparkles


  4. Yeah, ever since they switched to their new layout, I have been having trouble as well. Let'S hope they fix it, and quickly.

  5. I've noticed the same problems with some of the blogs I follow and right now when I have very little time to blog it seems like it's taking 5x longer for things to process. Longer waiting periods getting a site to respond and being tossed out when I'm trying to comment or things freezing up is not helping when I'm feeling on edge anyway. I feel your pain my friend. If you don't get this message because blogger won't let if through to you I'll never know now will I? I'm thinking a spell is in order.

  6. I nearly spit my coffee when I read about sticky snot. I'm sorry that my laugh was at your blogs' expense but, oh.. you have a way with words. ;) I hope all gets resolved sooner than soon.

  7. I found you here on my dashboard, but sometimes, Blogger will inform me I have no dashboard!! Pinchi Blogger. I haven't posted in a while and I need to before the big bake-o-thon begins next week...oy!

    Have a good one and today, we're expecting sunshine and I will be out in it...it's Miss Daisy's day and she'll make sure I'm out and about with her...another OY!!

    Loves ya,

  8. Okay, while I know this is a serious matter I can't help but chuckle at your wording. It's just that you have such a knack for sarcastic humor.

    Well, now to be serious. Thankfully, you came up fine in my dashboard. I have been having crazy things as well. No followers, less followers and then more and then less...all within the same day for several days in a row. And it does seem very slow. Well it is a dirty bitch, this system and hopefully it will clear up soon. I will leave you with a bit of Latin wisdom..."non passus in spuriis vos adepto" - tranlation - "Don't let the bastards get you down." Hugs, Mina

  9. Sticky snot... dang that's a serious bummer... Shall I pass the Kleenex... perhaps some Musinex, Sudifed, or Benadryl... hmmmmm I know VicksVapo rub ;o)
    I'm so sorry your having a time in Blogland.
    Hoping you have a better day.
    Always, Queenie

  10. Every so often, Hubs tells me that the computer is not working again...then I realize it's the internet, but in the meantime, for whatever reason, the keyboard seems to be in pieces...frustration is like that...we've gone through a few keyboards in our time...fortunately, it's just the keyboard and not the computer that we have to replace...


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