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Friday, December 16, 2011

And then there was sunshine.........

for about 22 seconds at a time.
But the dogs and I have sat in the southern facing window and enjoyed spurts of El Sol's mini visits for the last few days. I'll take the sun when I can get it. At one point it was Odin (the grands dog) and I on the love seat with Ellie Mae Scootles (of the Tohajalee Scootles) on my lap and Sunny Bunny Boo Boo Head (the 14 yr old Ginger Tabby Manx) on the back of the seat all huddled there waiting for the next break in the clouds. I could almost hear the oooohs and aaaaaahs coming from their fur baby mouths as the streaming warmth descended on us.

I didn't want ya'll to think I thought we were having bad weather. We need the moisture like nobodies business. It is just my reaction to no sunshine that lead me to write my last opinion. Cold is not my best friend either but heck it's December and that is how winter rolls. So me and the pets are huddled together for warmth and commiserating on how we are all getting a little "long in the tooth"....except for Ellie Mae who is darling, oblivious and a still a puppy.

Today is to be mostly sunny, Hallelujah, and then we have another winter storm on the way with hopes for moisture. The ski areas are hoping for one of the biggest snows thus far and the farmers are just hoping for more good solid rain. I'm hoping they get what they want and I can stay warm and snuffly with the grands for Winter Holiday Break. One of them there, fancy win/win situations.

I hope all of you are warm and snuggly and have a happy week before Solstice.

And by the by....Blogger is also behaving itself today. I know I will rue that statement by give credit when credit is due, right?


  1. not raining here. just overcast, overcast, overcast. we had about a half day of clear skies yesterday and now it's overcast again.

  2. Little peeps of sun make a world of difference for one's outlook, especially mine :o) I've gotten spoiled living in the Valley of the Sun where most days have sunny blue skies. This week here too has been cold, grey and rainy. There was a lovely sun rise this morning on the way into the mundane... A happiness for a Friday end of the work week.
    Have a great day.
    Always Queenie

  3. Well I do hope you all sang a rousing rendition of 'Here comes the sun' when it appeared ;o) Of course, that's what maybe scared it off again... :oD

  4. The sun is a beautiful ally in the winter months. I am so glad that you and the furry loves were able to enjoy it's warmth. I love that sun image you used. Makes me smile largely! Hugs to you.


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