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Saturday, December 17, 2011

I saw Oma tickle Santa Claus at breakfast this morning.......

Yep, that's me getting a squooze from the Santa Man himself. Took the kids to breakfast at Mick's Chile Fix this morning and there he was, Santa Claus, just sitting there eating his super Green and Red Chile breakfast burrito.

I was the first to get and give a hug. He told me I needed to work on being a good girl, but we all knew that already huh? He gave the kids huge hugs. Then he told them that he knew how very hard they had worked in school and how very good they were for Oma and Papa and their very sweet, hard working Momma. And asked us to join him for breakfast.
The kids were thrilled. Sat down with Santa and had french toast and pancakes, asked all kinds of questions about the reindeer and the North Pole. When asked how he had gotten to Mick's, since we didn't see the sleigh parked anywhere, he pointed out this "good old ride" and said it was how he was able to get around without attracting attention.
Wow, he even took time to pose with the family. So now if someone asks you where Santa eats his burritos Christmas style (red and green chile) you can with total confidence say, "why Mick's Chile Fix in Albuquerque" of course.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS  from everyone at Casa de Cuckoo


  1. What a fun post.. and Santa's ride is a photographer's dream. ;)

  2. Oh my Oma Linda, and so early in the morning too... ;o) I do like his discreet method of transport though :oD

    Have a good one gang!

  3. How great that santa was there! And wOW! love his car!

  4. How wonderful for you to spend time with Santa this close to Christmas.(Said with a snarky tone of voice) While all of us here at the North Pole are running around like crazy people trying to get ready for the big CDD (Christmas Delivery Date) the main man is going out for breakfast and schmoozing. Now don't that beat all?!

  5. I love Santas secret ride, it's even all the right colors! So glad you guys got to visit with Old Man Winter and enjoy breakfast together - what a treat!

  6. Oh my goodness! What a magical morning. I have never had the pleasure of breakfast with Santa and I am so honored to share in yours! Sending warm holiday wishes to all!

  7. Oma Linda,
    This is totally delightful! What a wonderfully great way to start the day with your family. I've got a huge smile on my face. Thanks for spreading the joy.
    Brightest blessings,


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