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Friday, December 9, 2011

The Witches Yuletide Ball 2011

We have anxiously awaited this day. It's not often that we can get away to such a lovely location for an evening of dancing, dining and visiting with our friends. The location chosen this year is somewhere we have never been before but have longed to be invited so that we could meet the world renowned host and owner of the Snowload Inn, located in the mysterious and hard to reach Justover in the Veil.
My love and I dressed and then called our best friends to make sure they were still going to join us in the carriage ride to the ball. They were as excited as we and said they too were already dressed and ready to go. We told them we would be there just as soon as we made a stop at our neighbors to check on them.
The neighbor Snows all have been down with the lurgy and we took them some Eucalyptus and chive rub for the little ones chests along with some chicken soup. When we left the children all lined up to wave goodbye. Aren't they darling?
Our carriage ride may have been lengthy but we certainly did not realize it because we chatted the whole way with our friends. Lovely to be afforded time to spend with people you enjoy and have so much in common. Our first view of Snowload Inn was just as exciting as we anticipated it would be. Everything was so festive and lively as we entered.
The host, Pernal, greeted us with such warmth and friendliness. He directed us to the food, the dance floor and suggested that we try the ice cold Artic Blasts. After only a half a cup I was spinning and the drink was good too. The refreshments had names I had never heard before and I tried one of everything. Delicious except for the daffodil root mints, a bit bitter for my taste, but I never would let on.
Many of the guests were not from our part of the world but other wonderful places and we had a delightful time hearing their stories and adventures. We shared our own and found that many of them shared our views and customs. I just love nights like this.

And the guest of honor, El Sol, was a delight as well. So funny and had a million and one funny tales about what he has seen from his vantage point in the sky. I think I liked the stories of the "gooduns" the best. Gooduns are what El Sol calls the children of the Earth who care enough to take care of where they live, who they live by and many even care for ones they have never met. The Gooduns seem to be on the decline. Sad, but we of the otherside of the veil know that with a little help from us and others with strong good hearts there can be many more Gooduns developed.

The witches and all the other guests ate until there was no more, danced until we could dance no more on this beautiful night.
Did I say night? As you can see the early morning rays of the guest of honor are streaming through the windows as we retreat to our ride home.

Thank you for coming along on our visit to the Witch's Yuletide Ball and thank you to the lovely ladies at On The Broomstick and Witch of Howling Creek, who extended the invitation to me. Please click on the link on the sidebar to see all the participants in this fun event. Yule Blessings to you all.


  1. What a beautiful, magical time! Linda, this was so creative. I so enjoyed meeting all of these delightful new friends. Hugs to you and your entire party.

  2. All very beautiful decorations. I love the little white house the best. Blessed Yule!


  3. Sounds like a great time...something like Rip Van Winkles adventures...

  4. What a wonderful post and a lovely party you had :) I love your decorations! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy Yuletide to you!

  5. Aw what a lovely snowy inn! Thanks for participating - Dana and I really appreciate it!

  6. How very Delightful Linda! thank you for all the smiles etc.
    yes, sadly there seem to be more people coming up in this generation, who think only of themselves. One of mine is like this, and I do not get it, as a child he always was helpful to everyone, including a girl in a WC in his pre-school classes and kindergarten. Now, he even admits it...me first everything else comes after that. It breaks my heart.

    Oh well,
    Let's dwell on the love and beauty of the season.
    Blessed Yule to you and yours!
    Love n Light,

  7. Oooh, that looks like a magical party, so glad you all had fun!

  8. You always have the most amazing visitors, my beloved Oma Linda, and of course it makes perfect sense that the sun would visit you when the Winter Solstice is nearing.

    Thanks for sharing your worm magic!

    P.S. I sent you an email a few days ago, I wonder is if got eaten by the same goblins who keep on stealing my socks from the drier ;-)

  9. aaaaw..such a beautiful,wonderful and magical post Linda! Thanks for being a bringer of light, love and laughter ;-)

  10. Oh, what a magical tale! I like the house with all trees! Such a pretty scene!

    Happy holiday season!

  11. Nice blog....Your snowy scene is sweet...love the burning pot over the campfire...Mel's Designs is a new follower....

  12. What a lovely adventure! I would love to stay at the Snowload Inn - I could use a good getaway!


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