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Friday, November 4, 2011

Ms. Crone and other things that have been missing and a Holiday giveaway

I realize that Ms. Crone and the other reporters on the staff of Ye Olde Crone's Gazette have been slacking as of late and I, as the management, do apologize. Summer, school starting, the 52 card pickup style of redecorating and our crazy love of Hallowoonie have all taken their toll on our consistency here at the Gazette.
However, we will begin next Friday with a new article on a fun adventure or maybe the little people infestation that is happening here at Casa de Cuckoo. I do promise to keep my staff on a schedule as best as a rule breaker, non conformist, fun seeker can.

We are coming up on the time of year with which I am the least fond. Oh okay....so I don't like being cold. Day before yesterday it was 70 something and it was glorious. Yesterday low 60's and windy. Today clear but in the 50's. By Turkey day, I'll be hibernating and getting all woolified. As with so many of you, our autumn, like real fall weather, was short lived. We haven't had snow here in 'Burque, but have it around us in the mountains and the wind coming from the northwest is chillin' but not in a laid back way but a collllllllldddd way. I know stop complaining right???
Graphic Fairy
So on to plans for Turkey day....which we will not be celebrating on Thursday but rather on Sunday. Sweet Man gets to greet the fool children traveling and renting cars that day. And Shel has to work on Fri and Sat so we will have a very Traditional meal on a non Traditional day. So the kids and Shel and I are gonna plan on a road trip on Turkey day.

 Fun stuff ya'll. Where to go, where to go??? So here's the fun.......give us some suggestions. Give us a trip destination and an activity that you think we will enjoy. We will put your name in a cornucopia and draw out the bestest suggestion ever for a Turkey Day trip and activity. I can hardly wait to see what you talented and wacky pack ladies (and gentlemen) come up with for this one.

If your name is drawn, I'll have a special Holiday "not quite right" heart to give to the winner. And because I love how Stacy from Magic Love Crow does her giveaways, ....I'll also have 2 other Booby prizes ready to send out. So that makes 3 lovelies who will get some Holiday goodies from Casa de Cuckoo.

This is not the heart but gives you an idea of what a "not quite right" looks like

These NQR are all living in other peoples houses but there are more coming to my Etsy shop starting on 11-11-11
Just leave a comment on this post and we'll draw the winners names on Friday 11-11-11, providing we are all still here and the world doesn't end before then.


  1. Being cold to the bone is just an awesome excuse for a nice hot bath. Get on that shit Oma!

  2. Hey, I hear ya lady. It's friggin' cold here one day, then back up to the mid 70's the next!! It reminds me of when I was a kid and my mother would aggravated at us for coming in then out again, just to start it all over again..."In or out, for goodness sake!!" Same with this weather...hey, a better one would be, "Sh-t or get off the pot!!" The flora and fauna don't know whether to keep blooming or die. Hell, even saw a hawk, I mean a hu-eg hawk up in our pine tree in front...had to keep the Chihuahuas in before he decided to continue on with his migration...dumb bird!!

    Going up the road to Las Cruces for my turkey day. My bro and his fam put our a righteous spread for la familia and of course, my contribution is always homemade apple and pumpkin pies and something else. This year, I'm going to bake some homemade bread now that I have found the high altitude flour otherwise, this particular recipe flops, literally!!

    Have a good one, mi amiga.

    Loves ya,

  3. Cold? I'll give you cold lol

    Anywho, I've consulted good old Google Maps, and I think you should go to Elephant Butte and Truth or Consequences, just because I want to see what you guys can come up with there :oD

  4. I love you very much, but I don't know if I'm happy with you right now. It's damn 35 degrees here, yes, half of your yummy temperature. I hate the cold, too, so yes, I'm just jealous.

    It seems this Turkey Day will be celebrated on nontraditional days all over. The Little Princess' bio-mom is working out of state and the Little Princess will meet her for Thanksgiving. My baby is traveling on Thanksgiving day, so we'll have dinner the weekend before she lives. She is thrilled to have to dinners lol.

    About your road trip. Hm... I have no idea what to suggest. What about antiquing on the way? I don't know what's on the way. This is hard. I give up. Just drive to your destination playing Simon Says. That's what I do ;-)

  5. Have a chilly weather picnic - if it's chilly - turkey sandwiches, soup in a thermos, hot cocoa in another thermos and maybe a little fire; commune with the land and each other.
    I will be at a cousin's country club for the day and will have a homemade Thanksgiving on Sunday - stir-up Sunday, when I make my Solstice pudding.

  6. No better fix for a cold day than a hot bath, some red wine and a good book under the blankets. I mean, at least to me! :)

  7. Well, I must agree with you, I hate being cold, but danged if I don't love the cold weather. Well, the fall leaves, the rainy days, snow and ice storms. I'm completely mad, I know I am. I honestly hate being cold but love to watch that weather and hear how muted the sounds become in the snow. You'll catch me outside the second we have the first snow (even if it's in the middle of the night) and as soon as it's packin' snow, my son and I have our first annual snow ball fight. We don't care if it's onlyn 1/2 centimeter thick and we're scraping the stuff off the cars to make tiny snow balls. LOL But, I hate the cold. Makes me hurt like a son-of-a-gun!

    we're having a non-traditional Thanksgiving this year too, if all goes like we think it will. We're not getting together with the big family, but keeping it small and inviting over our friends who lost their husband/dad this year. We're not sure if they're coming yet, so we'll see.

    I would love to be entered in your giveaway. I think your hearts are so danged beautiful and I would love a chance to win one.

    Thank you so much, Oma Linda, for being the gloriously wonderful you you are and for the chance to win one of your gorgeous hearts.

    Bright blessings,

  8. Oh, I am not a huge fan of cold either! Hot chocolate, tea, good books and movies are my forte in the cold months. Now if I could just do something about that godforsaken job that makes me haul my ass out 5 days a week. :-)

    I tried to google possible activities for you lovelies for Thanksgiving but so much is closed that day! If nothing else, you should definitely stop for a super sweet dessert somewhere. Sugar highs for everyone! ;-)

  9. Cruds, I forgot to leave a turkey day idea! Since nothing is ever open, I say you guys go to the land of make believe - break out some fun props and have a royal tea or indoor picnic (if it's cold). Build sheet forts, tell stories and just have a laugh. :)

  10. I hate being cold and the older I get the more I hate it. I can't even think of somewhere for you to go on Thanksgiving day so I'd suggest you stay in and bake cookies or cupcakes and then have a "Back to the Future" movie marathon or some other movie marathon. I wouldn't try a "Lord of the Rings" marathon cause you'd all go blind from watching for that many hours. Don't forget the popcorn & Milk Duds if you decide to go with this plan.

  11. Okay, because you do not like the cold, what about a tropical island paradise? Check this place out... https://www.atollparadise.com/product.php?fldProductID=475&cid=100&kw=conrads%20maldives&gclid=CLzL5qjHrawCFYbrKgodinIXIw

    The restaurant in the aquarium is amazing. Imagine that for Thanksgiving! LOL

    It's at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort.


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