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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I love this idea...

Just show and tell...

I have it in me to do this once a week...

First this is the rabble rousers on Halloween

This wonderful Booby prize came in the mail. Thank you Stacy of MagicLoveCrow. The title is "you can't see me". Isn't it the sweetest????

Bought bread at the roadside growers market in Corrales on Sunday. Who would thunked we find our Dia de Los Muertos, skeleton head in the dinner rolls?

And Ms. Maggie of Of My Rocker sold me the pattern for this wonderful tree. I did adapt it (no really, we thought you always followed everything precisely, NOT). I used some Goddess inspired material I have had for ages and embellished the leaves and bird with metallic thread. This will go on our family altar along with the baby crow picture. Goddess tree is so very smile inducing.....I'm in love.

submitted with love and smooches, The Olde Bagg


  1. Oh boy, I love it! All dressed up for Halloween.
    :-) The sweet little crow hiding in the painting is just adorable. (Love the music you have playing. :-)

    I saw that pattern and thought how cool it would be to be able to sew that. I love what you've done with it and the material/colors you used. Very cute. An adorable little Tree Ent for your home.

    Hope you have a beautifully blessed week,

  2. That crow painting is the sweetest, "you can't see me", too cute! Your goddess tree is lovely (looks like a lot of effort and love went into making it)!

    I hope you and the "rabble rousers" had a magical and fun Halloween!

  3. Misc stuff...good stuff...like your music...so did the guys in the office...

  4. The Halloween rabble rousers look like a fun bunch. The crow painting is adorable. The dinner roll is amazing and the goddess tree is stunning. I love the way you tree turned out. WOW!! You rock!

  5. Hehehe! Yes, that's definately a bread-skull! I loooove this cute goddess tree!
    Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween!

  6. Fab costumes and giggling at the skull bread. Love your tree too (was truly shocked that you adapted it too ;o) )

  7. Yay such beautiful treasures...fabulous!

    And Wow..THANKYOU..I have recieved my beautiful package in the mail..I am so touched and thrilled to have this gorgeous treasure from you..so very special..the cards are stunning..and so special to me..hugs kindred..they mean alot! And I love my halloween goody bag! Much heartfelt appreciation for the generous spirit you are! I am super excited! Thanks friend!
    PS; i may do a photo shoot soon on these beautiful cards on my blog..when I do I'll let you know!HUgs!

  8. I LOVE show and tell! I also love the look on your daughter's face with the kids. I have a picture of me doing almost the EXACT same thing!

  9. I love the bread skull! And your tree is absolutely delightful - I can't even tell you how much that is making me smile.

  10. LOVE your version of the tree!!! All the top stitching, and the fabric are great, as is the bird. Your goddess tree rocks!

  11. LOVE your show and tell, Miss Linda. The rabble rousers are too adorable. I will say it again...awesome costumes! Stacy is such a sweet little love, isn't she? I'll be posting my amazing booby prize later in the week.

    The Dia de Los Muertos skeleton head??? You should put it on Ebay and sell it for millions. ;-)

    The goddess Tree is so stunning. What a beautiful addition to the family altar. You know, I have a personal altar but not a family one and I truly love that idea. I believe I will borrow it from you, my lovely inspiration.

  12. Hi Linda ;o) Don't ask me why or how I got to this post, but I guess I was suppose to ;o) I totally missed it!
    I love your rabble rousers for Halloween ;o)
    And, I love seeing my painting in your home ;o) He or she looks very happy with you ;o)
    Your skeleton head in the dinner role is too funny!
    And, you goddess tree is stunning! I agree with Mina ;o)
    I hope everything is better with you and the house ;o) Talk soon ;o) Hugs ;o)


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