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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bubble. bubble someone's in trouble....

While you're waiting for me to pick out which three of you charming lovelies is going to be chosen as the winners of the Holiday Not Quite Right hearts, let me share with you this picture.

If I had cute little sausage toes like this I'd show the off all the time. Lucky little brat.
Stylin' forties 5" heels, dirty jeans and red and white polka dot mushroom toes....ain't it a HUH?

So now back to the giveaway. I never said your suggestions as to the locale of the Thanksgiving trip had to be a real place we could drive to or even ever get to. It can be an imaginary place, a movie, a book, a dream.....come on now......this is another chance for you to enter the giveaway.

Where will the kids, Shlley and I go on our Thanksgiving day adventure??????

I'll draw the winners, 1 first place and two Booby prize on Friday so.....go on enter your ideas.

with squoozes and smooches, Oma Linda


  1. Oh! So it doesn't have to be a real place? Oh goodness. I have to admit, it is so hard for me to come up with ideas like that but I will try so hard to figure out something before Friday and enter your giveaway. (I hope I can think of something. ;-)

    I love the shoes and the darling polka dots. I go barefoot all the time... hate shoes and socks, but now we're entering the snowy season soon so I guess it's slippers and boots for me. I'm so bad, Oma Linda, that sometimes I get in the car and we drive off and half way to wherever it is that we're going (and sometimes I'll even start walking in to where we've arrived at) I realize that I do not have any shoes or socks on! LOL Oh well...

  2. This time of year, the south pole would be the place...nice and sunny...a chill in the air...wonderful place for Thanksgiving...

    Of course, you have always been a fan of Oz...perhaps that would be the place for you...

  3. I'll tell you what I did some years ago during Thanksgiving. I was still single, but was already dating my sweetie, however, he went to CA to spend TG with his kids and Ian spent it with his dad and my folks went to CA also to spend with my little bro...can't remember what my sister did, but she wasn't around either. So I made some of my bestes, spicey hot wings, got a bottle of wine, and rented all the "Sex in the City," since I no longer was getting HBO!! Now I'm not suggesting you rent "Sex in the City," but how about having a picnic in your tv room, especially if the weather is going to be a bit nippy, build a tent and eat whatever and watch movies. Ok, that's so easy, but right now my imagination is not at it's best.

    BTW, love the tootsies.

    Loves ya,

  4. When i was GK her age i used to paint my toe and fingernails excactly like these :-)

  5. LOVE THE TOES!!! Actually, the entire ensemble is simply adorable retro with a touch of grunge. Ha! I really sound like I know what I'm talking about with all that fashion wit. ;-) Well, I do think it is too too and she should prance that look like the little goddess she is. Go girl!

    Now if I were to choose the perfect day trip for you lovelies it would be to start in Oz, have breakfast with those sweet little munchkins, play tag and hide and seek with the Tin Man, the lion and the scarecrow and then lunch with Glenda. Maybe she will take you all for a ride in her bubble. When you leave there, I am certain the Queen of hearts would love to have you three for tea. And if you see Johnny Depp there, do knock him on the head and ship him to me. I believe you have my address. ;-) Whatever journey you travel, I know it will be enchanting!


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