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Thursday, September 29, 2011

October is almost here, do you know where your blog party is??????

Between this blog and Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts, I am participating in 4 Octoberish events and 1 Dia de Los Muertos blog event. Slacker you say???????

Nicely enough, there will be some overlap of partying. And because I am tearing about, trying to get my Octoberish stuff all in one pile to play, I am going to send you to my wickediest darlings blog to check out the possibilities. Magaly at Pagan Culture always does the very best job of promoting and advertising the upcoming festivities. So please go check it out here.

I hope that you will, if not participate, at least enjoy the offerings by so many talented Halloween-a-holics, witches and tricker treat-o-philes.
Ready, set, ding dong................


  1. Sounds like October will be fun-filled! Woohoo! Have you seen my fall giveaway? It features a plush black cat and mini scarecrow. Might add to the fun, eh? :-)

  2. "Halloween-a-holics, witches and tricker treat-o-philes" Ha! that is too funny.

    @Judy, you are so not a slacker, that magical lens of yours is always at work ;-)

  3. Oh my, but Magaly is a fabulous public relations person, pretty much like you. It must be an Aries thing. ;-)


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