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Monday, September 26, 2011

Stay calm, carry on and pay no attention to the mess..........

Chaos is in the eye of the beholder.

One person's disarray is another person's comfortable place.

"Don't throw your trash in my backyard, my backyard, my backyard.
Don't throw your trash in my backyard, my backyard's full." A favorite kid's song entitled Fish Heads.

Vintage celluloid whisk broom from an Etsy seller Tuckers Primitives
For me Autumn is time of gathering, collecting, organizing and dare I say the word, cleaning? More than the spring, I have an emotional, physical and magickal reason/need for wanting my space to be cleaned and especially cleared.

You know, get all the bad juju swept out the door and all the "woo-woo" put in the right protective places to keep us tidy, safe and sound. Every year right after Mabon, I begin the process. It usually takes me a week to complete the task. This year may take longer because the fam is in the way, what with Mr. Oblivious' vacation and the last of the 52 card pickup redo of rooms in the house, but I will persevere and by mid October, we'll be all ready for the dark months.
Delft whisk brrom set from an Etsy seller Wild for Vintage
How about you? Do you have autumnal preparation traditions?
Have a super week my lovelies, squoozes and smooches, The Olde Bagg


  1. I do the exact same thing. Screw Spring cleaning, I'm all about clearing things out big time once Autumn kicks in. I've still got a few unpacked boxes that I'm eyeballing, some clothes that no longer fit that need to go into the donation box and a long winded woo woo cleansing to do once everything is tidied up.

    Of course, this is going to take longer than usual because my Joe decided that NOW is the perfect time to start building a bar in the converted garage and there are tools, wood chips, saw dust and boxes ALL OVER THE PLACE. Good grief. But, I'll persevere and get this place in Autumn shape if it kills me. ;-)

  2. I did some housework this last weekend...in fact quite a bit for me...I'm not the domestic type...and my daughter and I went through my dead father-in-laws stuff from several years ago and will put some in the neighbor's yard sale...and we actually threw some stuff out...we're good I tell you...

  3. I do a Spring and Fall workover of the house. I used to be a "list" person until I almost drove myself crazy with it. I start it about a week before school starts. It makes me feel like I'm starting the school year off on a good note. My Witchery is whenever my husband is on a trip and I can do a salt/water/fire/sage cleansing.

  4. I hat housework! ... but someone's got to do it and since I'm the only one living here (and Gizzy won't do it for me) I have to do it and do it in phases. I'm in a perpetual state of reorganizing, probably because I never finished the task in the first place - either running out of storage bins or patience or my back hurt and I say: "to heck with it" I do however like to do my major cleaning both before Christmas (fall) and again after the tree goes down, ready for the spring because I have a tiny apartment (800 sq feet) and it gets cluttered so quickly, especially when you don't put everything away right away... Let's face it, I live in a yarn-barn, but that's ok. Gizzy don't mind and I must've been a cat in my previous life cuz I don't mind the clutter, but when it does get to me, I clean up and then I sit there and admire it for a few days - until I get bored and start pulling out all my yarn bins again LOL (but I can do that cuz I live alone and nobody is on my case about it!)

    Happy Autumn, my dear :-)

  5. clearing out the garden and getting my books in order for year end....and house cleaning in bursts of energy....it all keeps me pretty busy right now....most people i know are canning....but i have not taken that on...yet....

  6. Well I had a total freak out on Friday night and completely cleaned, tidied and rearranged my sewing and camera area, but I'm not sure that counts lol I do also have an urge to take the recycling to the tip too mind you...

  7. U-u-m, I'm afraid I don't partake in such rituals...I happen to love my chaos!! I usually do that kind of cleaning after Christmas...there's that tiny opening when I don't have to do anything, make anything, well, just nothing at all, so I utilize that time then...that didn't make any sense, but then when do I???

    Love the broom sets, especially the Delft set...love Delft...sooo preeety!! Just take care of yourself and don't get too organized or I shall have to send out the flying monkeys to create some mayhem!!! LOL

    Goats are jealous...say you love the donkeys more~~ stupid goats!!

    Loves ya,

  8. I do biyearly cleanup/cleansing, in spring and right before All Hallow's Eve. I like to wait for the Witchy new year with a clean house.

  9. I really don't keep a schedule. I must confess that my cleaning skills are a bit rusty.Lately I'd rather go out and have fun. I know the dust will be there till I'm ready LOL


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