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Friday, July 1, 2011

Ms.Baggs has gone underground.......

Got a note this morning from our star reporter. The note read "got some very important personal business pending, will return soon".

Now she's got my curiousity peaked. As a wooden head....she may be afraid of the fires.

Well I'll do my best to report on her assignment this week.

As you may know, New Mexico has more simultaneous wildfires than at any other time in our history. What began with a small fire in neighboring Arizona has now claimed 600,000 acres of timberland there and has leaped across the border. We also had one at the border of Colorado and I25 was closed because of the fire at Raton pass.

There is one burning near Santa Fe near the ski basin and Bandelier National Monument in the north. The terrible Los Conchas fire near Los Alamos National Labs in Los Alamos is reburning the area that was burned 11 years ago and has now gobbled up over 90,000 acres of timber (udate this morning over 103,000 acres and it may reach the other fire in Santa Fe National Forest). To the south we have a fire near Socorro about 90 miles away, and one in the Sacramento mountains near Cloudcroft (further to the south). The fire in the Sacramento Mts. touches our family because we spent so many summers there at a camp. That camp has been threatened so many times by forest fire and every time is a heart wrenching time.

 There are more wildfires starting all the time what with the lightening strikes and our humidity hovering at around 4%.

I have commented on the air quality but I have not told you how it feels to see all of this happen and have no way of helping to stop the progress of the fires. The state of New Mexico has not placed a ban on fireworks and the counties cannot do so without state approval or some nonsense. So as much as I love the fireworks displays....I am hoping we won't have any because of the chance of more and closer fires. Walmart, Smith's (Kroeger) and Albertson's have voluntarily pulled all the fireworks from their shelves and that is a very good thing.

But this is going to be a very iffy 4th of July weekend. Because let's face, it there are those that just want to have fun, screw the public good and safety. Like the 14 year old boy arrested yesterday for purposefully starting a fire near the river here in ABQ with a pocket lighter. I really don't understand people.

It is very hard not to worry even if we aren't in harm's way at the moment.

On a happier note....Happy Canada Day to my friends up north and Happy 4th of July to those that live in the US. Let us all hope for peace and safety.


  1. so devistating! I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.
    Sweet Blessings to you all!
    Hugs from Canada

  2. I feel sorry for all of the animals that lose their lives in these wildfires. :-(

  3. Hey Lady, fireworks have been banned here, thankfully, but in Anthony, NM, up the road, and there is a TX side to it too, hasn't declared any such thing, since it's in NM, but the TX side of it, they're banned. They and the people in Canutillo, TX, very close neighbors to Anthony, just next door, a little state line away, are really worried due to the idiots who will take advantage of buying and shooting them off, Texans included!! You should hear all the whining going on about the ban. It's amazing, like you said, what's wrong with these people. It won't matter till the fires reach their front door!!

    We're getting the smoke from NM...settling on the valley, but I can't even imagine what you're going through. Linda, I miss our Southwest...we need rain!! Maybe we need to do some dancin'...what you say you and I do one, you in NM and me out here in West TX!! OMG, mental picture!!! LOL Maybe if we did, the powers above, like that friggin high pressure, will give us drenchers just not to see La Locas Viejas dancin'!!

    Have a safe one, my amiga and take care of you and yours.

    Loves ya and the goats are turning to "cabritos on a steek,"


  4. Fire of any sort is so devastating. When we lived in the Colorado mountains, I don't know how many times the family and I would be ever so watchful of forest fires that cropped up around us. Nothing strikes fear in my heart more than the thought of a fire. My sisters live in the 4 Corners region and they have been receiving smoke from the Wallow Fire for quite some time. I shall be praying for rain for everyone.....

  5. It makes me sick at heart to see and hear of this terrible loss of timber and wildlife. I worry for you and the residents of New Mexico while those fires keep burning. I find it hard to believe fireworks haven't been banned. That's simply nuts. Hopefully people will use their heads and find another way to celebrate the 4th. Happy 4th of July sweet friend.

  6. so sorry about all the fires. Texas is burning too. all fireworks have been banned in my little town. fires are so devastating, all the little life lost. but they can be cleansing too. other areas have found that when they fight and prevent the natural wildfires, it changes the ecology of the area. I know it doesn't make anyone feel better to know that.

  7. Oh Linda, I just hate that you and yours are having to experience all of these fires and now must worry about fireworks too. Sending you hope for safety and peace during this time.


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