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Friday, June 24, 2011

Fat is not catching....you cannot get it by touching a fatty....

Being that this is an editorial I will give my views on the subject.
Ms. Crone here to report on a shameful incident.

Prejudice in any form is just unacceptable. It matters not whether it is race, color, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, disorder or body size. The very first lesson learned by this reporter was that there are three things one must achieve in order to be a good person (thing in my case). Tolerance, kindness and self love. If one has all three of these attributes then one can be accepted and move about within just about any group. Or so I thought.

Picture in your mind a nail salon, with all manner of "pretties" getting fluffed and pressed to perfection. All kinds of pinkiness and sparkles galore. Also picture a pair of large, loving, happy woman entering said nail salon. All eyes turn to them and they are asked what services they require. Younger woman speaks for the pair and gives them the request. Older woman seats herself and waits to be called.

Water for the pedicures is ready and both woman are called back to the spas but the younger, less large woman is seated and attended to immediately by the owner, who barks out orders to the others, while the older, fatter woman must seat herself and wait and wait and wait, because the nail persons are pushing each other out of the way to "not" have to wait on Ms. Fatty Fattikins. Finally a poor attendant reluctantly starts to work on Ms. FF's toes and feet.

Ms. FF who is an affable and polite person tries to engage the attendant in conversation to show that they need not be fearful......but to no avail. No interaction. Silence is deadly as they say.

Younger woman's look entreats the older woman that all is well while Ms. FF is so hurt by this slighting that the tears of anger start to roll down her cheeks. The worst part......no notice, no apology, no matter.

Both large woman are finished and young woman is helped with toes separator thingie removal, shoes applied and helped to stand.....old fat woman has to do it herself. The best part.....no tip, no return.

But, this is not the first time this prejudice has been silently applied. Mean people suck and fat is not catching.

**** the next time you see a fatty...under all that blubber (probably of self loathing not lethargy) remember Ms. Crone's admonition....that in fact...nice matters and a smile won't kill you.

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  1. As a fellow sassssssy fat girl, I am personally outraged by this post of your experience. Being I'm batshit crazy and attempting to crawl my way out of a mood swing of extreme aggitation I probably would have stabbed her in the ear with a cuticle scissor then cried in my bed with a box of Entenmanns donuts.

    Hugs to you my beautiful friend and fuck that skinny whore bitch.

  2. I really don't understand why we can't just be a little bit nice to one another. Everything would be just peachy if everyone tried not to be a rude rotten shit. Those nasty ninnies need a lesson in common decency.

  3. I was in the middle of telling a very good story and a making a point, when my youngest of the Penis Posse came in, gave me his sippy cup then proceeded to push down the little lit up button on my tower, so I will try to attempt to get the grey cells to do some recalling, but I don't think it will come out the same.

    I'm quite aware of that type of prejudice, all too aware. As I was telling my sweet man the other night, of the 4 of us, I was the big fatty, not too smart, child, but I was considered awfully sweet and kind. Then sometime around my 15th birthday, I shed much poundage, got corrective eye surgery (had a crossed left eye), braces removed and this ugly duckling turned into a swan. This image of me became paramount to my parents and I was now the pride of the clan...such a beauty. I held that status from 15-49, until menopause wreaked it's havoc, again, I became the big fatty, not too smart anymore, but awfully sweet and kind, adult child.

    Luckily, I'm of the Rhett Butler School of "Quite frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!" I'm tired of hearing things like, "I want you to lose weight for your health now," and my personal favorite, "But you have such a pretty face." My mother is 88 and quickly approaching 89 and she's still very weight conscious. Her punishment, I suppose, is she has 2 heavy daughters and granddaughter. She told my twin nieces recently she forbade them from getting heavy because if they did, she wouldn't love them anymore. Really Mom???!!!??

    So I grew up with this and has it made me stronger, nope, just pissed off that people are so stupid and that one cannot truly judge a book by it's cover. So I will happily grow old, no Clairol for this lady, going gray, enjoying what comes my way (for the exception of daughter who is driving my crazy right now..we have nothing in common and I'm tired of hearing what a martyr/saint she is or her face in her smart phone, such an oxymoron. Now I think I know why her father lied to her and told her he would be out of town during her visit)but that will end Tues. and all will be good in the world again for me. So I'm heavy...I will have plenty of time to lose the weight, in the friggin' grave!! Yes, health is a major factor, but I will get to that...it's a process and I'm in the throes of that right now.

    I'm glad they left no tip and a good tongue lashing would have been a nice touch, but no service no tip...but you think they really considered any fault of their own in this??? Probably not, they're stupid!!


  4. Being a FOB, I am right there with you Dark Mother. I've had it both ways in my life. When I was young I looked like Barbie and everyone fell all over themselves to get my attention and approval. Now that I'm old, fat and sagging every which was, I'm either invisible or barely tolerated. I just think to myself, Just wait, your turn's acoming. I'm proud to be a fat old bag, and I like myself just fine. I just wish I wasn't going bald.

  5. Shame! Shame! On those horrid women in the nail salon to treat a fellow human being in such a manner!!!!!
    Having been of the "fluffy persuasion" myself at one time, I am well aware of the bias encountered by large people. I had to lose weight to releave the strain on my knees and hips.
    Hugs to you My Friend! ♥

  6. THAT really pisses me off. Second what the Dark Mother said too. Grrr. I can't imagine slighting any one due to their size, especially in a service industry like that. What a pisser to some thing that should have been a fun, enjoyable girl's day out.

  7. that poor lady who was treated so shabbily should have explained very nicely why she was not leaving a tip and why she will not be back. otherwise, they will just chalk the lack of tip up to being stingy as well as fat.

  8. Well I hope said sweet old lady was less sweet on the way out, and suggested that customer service might need to go up in their priorities - mean people suck!

    I've been fat, and I've been thinner (let's not kid I went all the way to thin, per se, but training for rowing 7 days a week was effective, and I'm only a US size 8-10 now) but no-one ever knocks themselves out to serve me lol

    For years my mother suggested I lose weight - I got the genes from the other side of the family where my granny is built like the proverbial brick shithouse, and she got to be slender, but it took a long time to pinpoint what was causing me to gain weight when I couldn't exercise (carbs as it happens). Now she's 60 and for the past few years the weight has been creeping on round her middle. Whilst tempted to point out how she could combat this, I've held my tongue, because whilst revenge would be sweet, soemtimes you just have to let the oldies away with it!

  9. Agree with all that has been said here. I am a big, beautiful old gal and I love who I am, have my own style and if anyone doesn't like me because of my size - I don't give a rat's ass.
    Being my size, I am always sure of who my real friends and loves are - and that's better than anything.
    Sure, I have a few health issues due to the weight, but I'm getting better everyday.
    Main point - I'm happy and I know what's really important in life. If any service person treated me in such a manner, I would have told them what I thought of their cruelty and how I would make sure everyone else knew too. Wouldn't want their service, wouldn't pay and certainly no tip. Customers, clients, patients, etc. - none deserve such treatment because of size, appearance, whatever. A pox on that salon, may they reap what they have sown!

  10. This is sad, but it happens so much. I belief that the media and Hollywood has a lot to do with it - look at how we idolize and overpay those stars when we should be paying scientists and mathematicians to propel this country forward ... our priorities are all screwed up and it starts at home. Very sad indeed! (Reason 947 of why I prefer the company of animals sometimes over humans because they don't judge!)

  11. Well aren't those little prissy twits special? Not only does this piss me off due to the general ignorance of it all, it infuriates me because it happened to a woman that I truly admire and if truth be told hold a very special place in my heart for. I honestly don't know how some people sleep in peace at night while behaving like subhumans by day.

    Miss Oma Linda, you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever known and I say that with the deepest sincerity in my heart. Sending warmest hugs and love - Mina


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