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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Full Moon.............

Tonight, she draped herself with a white, blue and grey star strewn shawl. Counted 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and proclaimed that we had given her a proper welcome. Hail Moon.

Little ones to bed with the song still on their lips and in their hearts....."I see the moon and the moon sees me".

3 older ones to our magick.

Thank you Mother for listening to our work. Thank you Mother for listening to our hopes. Thank you Mother for making it possible to be who we are; strong, unafraid and ready.

Good night my lovelies, sweet full moon dreams.


  1. This was beautiful. I have an old poem about the moon..

    Hail fair moon ruler of night
    guard me and mine until the light
    Hail fair sun ruler of day
    guard me and mine along our way.

  2. I totally missed the full moon last night - it was storming so I didn't even try to go outside. I have a photo similar to the one you are showing here where the full moon is peeking through the clouds...I have always enjoyed looking at the moon (does that make me a lunatic?) LOL

  3. The moon was beautiful last night. Thank you for your poem. Beautiful picture! I love it!

  4. Oh Linda, this is such a beautiful post. My heart is pulled by the gentle tug of your words. Happy belated full moon, sweet lady.

  5. I hope that you are keeping well,



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