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Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Moon musings

Happy Sunday lovelies.

 The girls have gone to amusement park to spin and drop and get dizzy and hopefully not hurl. They have gone with some long time friends (another story for another day). And Ry and I are here enjoying the quiet. Believe it or not, he craves being an only child and so does his sister. So day's like this are perfection. Each gets their own time. As it should be in life. It isn't always possible to have your own way but in this case.......Martha says "it's a good thing".

Life is getting back to the managable lane of traffic. Have had so much lovely healing and helpful input, how could I not be getting better?

This last full moon has brought many discussions to light...pun intended. I have a non witchy friend who said to me that "the moon is always full, we just see it differently from our perspective". This friend's barbed comment was meant to let me know how silly she thought I was about our full moon fun. But that isn't how my "almost fully restored" thinker heard it. I heard "the goddess is alive and magick is afoot". And damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.

An author of one of the hoodoo and hexology books I am reading, wrote that we need not wait for the right phase of the moon or alignment of planets or stars but that our intention is the most important part of being a lunatic. Well what do you know???? I've been right all along. Being a lunatic isn't as stagnant and static as I had been lead to believe. I can be a full fledged lunatic anytime, because I am. Sorry, couldn't resist the temptation to wax on. This is just getting worse and worse. Laugh, these are the jokes here.

I don't know if any of you have been to or follow Penniwigs, if not you should. She has predictions about life and living and she has some wonderful design artist freebies as well as her great designs to purchase. Go check her out. She is sorta a bit of a sweetie cracked pot, like me. And so in honor of psychic notions, I will give you my prognostication. I feel a little like Forrest Gump at the moment so bear with me.

So my prediction is this........The turmoil, trouble, storm, whatever I was expecting is turning out to be sorta like the hurricane season. You know that there's a big blow out there off shore but most do not amount to a thing. They blow themselves out or peter out because they don't have all the right stuff to gather together to really do any significant harm. And I must say, in this clear point, the blow is just that. What's that saying about all sound and fury? And that is what I have to say about that.

Now on to another subject....this is the kids last week of summer program and so after this week, I will still be on the missing list most of the time. We have some really fun things planned for the last weeks of summer vacation. I will be taking them on some day trips to "history". Some places I haven't been to since I was Ry's age. I'm taking them to my grandparents house, to the ranch, to some pueblos, to where our ugliest and worst fire ever in NM is still not contained (we won't get too close) and to a lake to play.  Busy, busy times, hurrah for the kids and me.

Have a super week lovelies and Ms. Baggs will be back this Friday with her tales of her time off.

Now to the really cryptic part, so don't pay attention lovelies...alien nation, you are getting your due.


  1. haha loving the vintage pic you have up today :) And you are right about the moon...it is always full, always the same and always there, but our perspective is different each night we look at it. But for me, the full moon has always been the time in the lunar cycle that not only replenishes me but my crystals, stones, tools and cards also. I also make my holy water for the month under the full moon. Maybe it's because of the visual I get from it...the light and fullness. But there is also a natural process that occurs during the 4 main lunar phases to include the tides and plant growth. Anyway...i'm rambling! lol Enjoy your one on one time with Ry...its so important to them. :)

  2. On a river trip once, waiting for my turn at the latrine, one person ahead of me, my friend Dee. We're talking and a little poot escapes me. "sounds like you're ready" she says to me. "all talk and no action" I tell her (I was usually constipated on those trips).

    I think that must apply to your personal feared hurricane.

  3. Enjoy your last week with the Grands.

    Hoodoo scares the poo out of me :::shivers:::

  4. It looks like we're getting back the witch that we all know and love. Have a blast with the grands; summer's short. Hugs

  5. Sounds like you all got to have a fun day, however you spent it. Enjoy the last weeks of your holidays :o)

  6. I hope the girls had a wonderful time! I can relate to GK and RY. I am a person who requires a lot of alone time. Where some folks recharge by being around other people, that action tends to drain me and the only way I recharge myself is to be alone and do what my soul wishes I do at those moments.

    It does sound as if the fog is shifting and that makes me so very happy. I am a bit of a selfish person when I adore people. I always want them around to enjoy and I always want them feeling peaceful and whole. May you rise to take life by the ass as it was meant to be, I am sure. Sending many healing thoughts your way, my sweet Oma Linda.

  7. Hello there - I know that the moon is ever present in its entirety, but when it's "full" it's just a description us humans use to indicate it's fully visible...but it's also true that the moon regulates the tides and the water and since we are all mostly water, is it any wonder many of us are lunatics and the rest are too, only they don't know it - or won't admit it LOL I always have been fascinated by staring at the full moon with my Opa's binoculars and I could definitely see the man in the moon (you see and hear what you want to see and hear, right?)

    Enjoy your grand kids and the silence. I've come to really appreciate and demand my silence for when I was young, I was always amongst noise, moving and shaking and surrounded by people - rather uncomfortable with being alone because, God forbid, I would be confronted with my own thoughts and that was scary, but now, I love being by myself and in silence - for it's only in the silence that I can hear the voice of God's and the whispers of the ages.

    I love Penniwig! I miss not being able to leave comments on her blog anymore - I must write to her. She's a sweetheart!

    Take care, Oma, and be well :-)

    With Love,
    Doris and the Gizz (woof)

    p.s. I love big Hilda, I think I have all her pictures ;-)

  8. Glad things are going great for you. sounds like a busy but fun week ahead of you...I love Penniwigs, do miss being able to comment. Big Hilda is one of my favorites. thinking of you, hugs.

  9. Hey sounds like you are feeling much better. A day just for you and Ry sound absolutely perfect. Hope the girls withstood the spins and kept their equilibrium in tact. Great to just go have fun.

  10. Sounds like some interesting things coming up for you and the grands. We all should know more of our history - I think that is getting lost these days in our fast moving all about today world. As far as that full moon thing, I never needed the moon to know I was a little loony! ;)

    I miss Holly! I tweeted about her bead collection. I sure hope that she's doing well.


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