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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh my aching brain..........

I've had three days of migraines.....haven't had any in months.....what is going on? I know the burning of Arizona has a lot to do with it but it is more than that. I feel like I should eat my own leg off or something. I'm trapped in my own head. Too much to do...not enough time or energy to complete it all the way I would like...blah,blah,blah.

I have lost more things than I have found since we moved my crapee around again. That is just a statement of fact. I'm old, I like things the way they've always been....NOT. I just can't find stuff. You know important stuff.....like...stuff. The stuff I want to play with stuff...the stuff I left out so I could find it and now it's lost....stuff.

I spent the morning fighting with the aura in my eye vs. the computer screen as I typed out mailing labels for my giveaway and for the orders from Etsy for which I am so thankful. And when I went to look for the container I have the patriotic "Not quite right hearts" to work on.....missing stuff. So I went to find the boots I bought to paint....missing stuff. Then I said I'll go into the garage and find the dolls I am going to us for Dia de Los Muertos.....oh hell no. You cannot even walk down the path of least resistance in that pit. psssssst. probably where all my missing stuff is but it's over 100 degrees out there so I closed the door and decided to blog and complain where it was cool.

Sweet Man is home today....a day off for him. Poor thing he's working way too hard for an old guy. He gets home at 1 am, I'm sleeping. He comes to bed and then I'm awake until dawn's early light. I get up and get the kids ready for program which btw is kicking their collective butt cheeks. More activity than they had seen at school all year in just a couple of days...they were like zombies this morning. SM gets up at 8ish and then he took them to program so I can work on the mailings. He came home and bless his heart he is so tired he fell asleep on the couch....you know I love to hear him snore. Crazy huh? The problem is is makes me sleepy too and I have so many things to look for and not find....I can't be taken a nap.
Speaking of zombies...which I know alot of you like to do, last week Thursday night.......the smoke from the forest fires has given us some pretty fantastic sunrises and sunsets...alot look like tie dye. Shelley tells me when she got home from taking the kids out..."Mom, the sun is orange, the sky is lavender and it looks like the apocalypse....I expected to see zombies coming in herds from the west". ROTFLMAO. You know there sure are alot of funny people at my house. Hmmmmmmmmmm wonder why?????
New development....the dog Ellie also known as elemenopee, who we have had since July 4 last year has started to talk. No really. I'm gonna have to figure out how to video this stuff cuz it's funny. She is definitely GK's beast and when the kids close the door on her cuz she eats all the junk on the floor they are playing with, she will literally lay down by the door and say, "I want you, I love you". The first time I heard her I thought it was GK doing it. GK has been saying this to the dog for 11 months now and the dog is giving it to her in spades.....hehehehehe. If she starts saying "please", I'll let ya know.


  1. It sounds like you're talking about my house. I can't find stuff all of the time, and it's usually really important stuff. The closet door in my studio is blocked with piled up boxes, one of which has the new toilet for the bath room remodel. The books I set aside for donating to Goodwill got mixed with the ones for the rummage sale. There's important stuff in that closet, I'm almost certain. Arg.... At least it's cool here and there's no smoke. Hope you've gotten over the migraines and feeling up to looking for that stuff.=^) I love that the pooch talks.

  2. That is too funny - well, I've seen dogs say i love you on that Funniest Video show so hey, anything is possible!! Our dogs look a little bit alike don't they?

    Anyway... I just went through this smoke migraine thing Linda! They weren't serious debilitating migraines though they were bad enough. We had a wildfire here where I live too - burned out about 900 acres of land but thankfully it was kept contained & no homes or businesses burned. We don't live anywhere near there but the air was filled with the smell of smoke for days & my head was about to explode! Why I hadn't been blogging much lately.

    I think that hearing our husband snoring on the couch is just comforting. Well, as long as it's the "mild" side of snoring lol!

    I hope you feel better soon. Still laughing with ya on the so many things to look for and not find... my biggest problem is in the midst of looking, I forget what I was looking for!!

  3. Oh man, down with evil migraines! And vanishing 'stuff', hate it when that happens (usually when you have *just* seen it I find, then *poof*)

    PS, glad the donkeys went down a storm :o)

  4. my mother used to swear our dog would cry 'mama'.

    sorry about the headaches. my daughter suffers from them too and she had a killer one yesterday.

  5. Gosh, I'm sorry to hear about your migraines. I don't get migraines, but I do get dreadful sinus headaches. Hoping you feel better soon. Sending positive thoughts your way.

  6. Hope you are feeling better soon - healing energy on the way! XO

  7. migraines are really the worst...you sound tired too....it is hard to get through it all sometimes. I think maybe your dog is trying to tell you something....I know I can get all tied up in a knot.....when I finally relax, I'm amazed at how much tension I had been carrying around. A swim or a walk usually help me....


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